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UH West Oʻahu serves as a puʻuhonua, where one is nurtured and prepared with a solid foundation. It is a place where one goes to be cared for, to be safe, and to be re-energized, which extends beyond the campus in a synergetic relationship with the community. Reflective of its unique place and the culture of UH West Oʻahu, the University instills within its students, faculty, and staff a conscious responsibility toward respecting, caring for, and sustaining our ʻaina, both within the campus boundaries and beyond.

James & Abigail Campbell Library

The James & Abigail Campbell Library is a focal point on campus, where students, faculty, and the public intermingle in and around seating areas, study spaces, and computer desks bathed in natural light and high ceilings seemingly designed to inspire creative and critical thinking. The library creates a sense of place – and not just a space – on campus where the University community can connect and engage. It hosts musical performances, research workshops, and traveling exhibits focused on indigenous cultures, histories, and practices within its 60,000-square feet of space.

To learn more about library news, events and exhibits, visit the library’s website.

UHWO Library
Tutor from the No'eau Center

Noʻeau Center

The Noʻeau Center offers an innovative approach to assisting students through peer-tutoring, testing, workshops, and other support services. It promotes lifelong learning for students at all levels to gain the skills necessary for effective, confident, and independent learning.

The Noʻeau Center also offers events designed to help students and provides additional support throughout the semester with extended tutoring hours, group study sessions, and faculty-led sessions.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall features a modern, contemporary space with numerous tables and booths for students to eat, study, or meet. Operated by Da Spot Health Foods & Juices, the Dining Hall offerings range from made-to-order to grab-and-go dining options. Outside seating is also available for those looking for an outdoor dining experience.

The Dining Hall offers a number of delicious food choices such as mochiko chicken, hamburger and fries, and fish and chips. Items available in mini sizes and regular sizes.

Dining Hall
Campus Center 1st Floor
M-F, 10:00a-2:00p *
(808) 689-2970
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Students Eating and Hanging Out at Da Spot
UHWO Clothes at Bookstore


The recently expanded and upgraded UH West Oʻahu Bookstore is the authorized on-campus retailer for books – including used, new, and rental textbooks, as well as books by UH authors and UH Press. The bookstore also carries UH West Oʻahu apparel and gear, school supplies, commencement regalia, and offers educational pricing through UH Mānoa’s TechHub. It also sells a wide variety of office supplies, sundries, and snacks. Most items are tax-free, and all purchases support the University of Hawaiʻi.

The bookstore is a part of the UH Bookstore System, and includes stores across nine campuses. It supports special events for UH students, faculty, and staff. If your group is interested in co-sponsoring a campus event or promotion, please contact us at

Campus Center 1st Floor, C172
M-F: 10:00a-2:00p *
(808) 689-2550
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Hale Kuahuokalā and Student Organic Garden

Hale Kuahuokalā was constructed in December 2014 under the direction of Kumu Francis “Palani” Sinenci and Hālau Hale Kuhikuhi. Many hands from UH West O‘ahu and the community came together to kāko‘o the building of the hale. The name Kuahuokalā was given by Uncle Shad Kane due to its alignment with the sun’s path. Kuahuokalā means “the marker of the sun.” It is also an altar dedicated to the sun and an animated place for all people to honor growth, transformation, illumination, and life. Kuahuokalā is a gathering place for all students, staff, faculty, and the larger community to engage in a variety of academic, cultural, and community-based workshops. Kuahuokalā is nestled within UH West Oʻahu’s thriving Student Organic Garden, which is located to the west of the Laboratory Building and provides a half-acre learning center for students.

Hale Kuahuokalā and Student Organic Garden
Adjacent to Classroom (D) and Lab (E) Buildings
Tasia Yamamura, Garden Supervisor
Outside Shot of Hale
Table in Naulu Wellness Center

Nāulu Culture, Engagement, and Well-Being

The Nāulu Center renovation was funded by a US Department of Education Title III ANNH grant. Its purpose is to help cultivate meaningful relationships across campus and the community, sustain a safe, inclusive and nourishing space to gather, socialize and participate in recreational activities, provide space, resources and opportunities for all on their paths to excellence, nurture the overall well-being of our community, and perpetuate cultural values, traditions and practices to strengthen sense of belonging and place. The center is made up of several important spaces that students, faculty, staff and community members are able to use and enjoy.

  • Ho‘okipa Room (multipurpose area)
  • Conference Room
  • PIKO Project Offices
  • Ho‘onanea Room (lounge area)
  • Culinary Arts Lab
  • Prep-Kitchen
  • Pueo Fitness Center

The Nāulu Center is currently managed and facilitated by the PIKO Project, Title III ANNH. For questions, space availability and reservations, contact Kimberly Reed at

Nāulu Culture, Engagement, and Well-Being
Campus Center 1st Floor, C131
M-Th: 8:30a – 3:30p, F: 8:30a – 1:30p
(Reservations through STAR Balance) *
(808) 689-2683
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Naulu Fitness Center

The Nāulu Fitness Center sits off the side of the Nāulu Center, packing state-of-the-art exercise machines and free weights into its 500 square feet. It features Freemotion Fitness machines designed for cardio and strength include state-of-the-art pulley machines, treadmills (one of which can be adjusted to a 30-degree incline), free weights, and two bikes. The fitness center also serves as the home for UH West Oʻahu’s Intramurals Sports, Fitness and Wellness program.

Students, faculty & staff may sign up for one-hour appointments on STAR Balance, with a limit of three appointments per week.  If Students wish to schedule more than 3 appointments per week, they can email To use the fitness center, people must sign a standard waiver and agree to sanitize machines and tidy the area after workouts.

There is also a shower in the back of the Nāulu Center for a quick rinse after workouts.

Naulu Fitness Center
Campus Center 1st Floor, C135A
M-Th: 10:30a - 2p
Closed Friday (Reservations through STAR Balance) *
(808) 689-2673
Treadmill in Pueo Fitness Center
Student Playing Video Games in Lounge

Student Life Center

The Student Life Center is a dedicated space for students to lounge, study, and meet. With a flexible room arrangement featuring couches, tables, and chairs, students can relax between classes, watch TV, or catch up with friends. Students looking for a more hands-on experience can play ping-pong or the piano. This space also offers activities such as West Sesh – an open mic night – and arts and crafts activities in the evening. The Student Lounge is home to the Office of Student Life and ASUHWO Student Government.

The Student Life Center may be reserved for student club meetings and trainings anytime after 4:30 p.m. Contact the Office of Student Life ( to borrow equipment for student club use.

Student Life Center
Campus Center 2nd Floor, C215
M-F: 8:00a - 4:30p *
(808) 689-2942

ʻUluʻulu Archive

ʻUluʻulu: The Henry Kuʻualoha Giugni Moving Image Archive of Hawaiʻi is the official state archive for moving images. The archive is dedicated to the care, preservation, and digitization of film and videotape related to the history and culture of Hawaiʻi. ʻUluʻulu aims to perpetuate and share the rich moving image heritage of Hawaiʻi through the preservation of film and videotape related to the history and culture of Native Hawaiians and the people of Hawaiʻi.

ʻUluʻulu Archive
Library 1st Floor, B135
M-F: 9:00a-5:00p *
(808) 689-2740
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Uluulu Logo
The CLEAR location in the library.

Center for Labor Education and Research

The Center for Labor Education and Research (CLEAR) was established in 1976 by State Law. Like the many university and college Labor Studies programs nationally, the CLEAR is designed to provide labor education, research, and labor-related programs to workers, their organizations and the general public through a variety of methods including classroom instruction, seminars, workshops, publications, the internet and other public media.

Center for Labor Education and Research
Library (B-building), Second Floor
M-F: 9:00a-5:00p (best by appointment) *
(808) 689-2760

Veterans Center of Excellence

The University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu Veterans Center of Excellence provides a space on campus for veteran students to access resources and tools to succeed in college, to connect with others, and to simply relax. It features access to two computer workstations, laptops, 3D design and printing, and refreshments such as coffee, tea, and snacks.

Veterans Center of Excellence
Campus Center 1st Floor, C138
M-Th: 9:00a-2p, F: 10:00a-2p *
(808) 689-2961
US and other military flags inside the Veterans Center of Excellence.
The Naulu Center Outdoor Learning Center in the campus mall.

Outdoor Learning Space

The Nāulu Center Outdoor Learning Space, also referred to as the Cultural and Performing Arts and Education Amphitheater, is a flexible multipurpose performance and event area. Construction of the Outdoor Learning Space was funded by the Title III Poʻo ʻIke Kino & ʻOhana (PIKO) Project. It features a metal shade structure (approximately 1,872 square feet) that incorporates supporting infrastructure — including power, telecommunications, WiFi, audiovisual capabilities for sound, theatrical lighting, and a large blow-up projector — to dually serve shading and performance needs. Areas within the shade structure and surrounding plaza now have furniture for seating and collaborative gathering. The existing planters are also modified to incorporate bench seating and convenience power outlets, and enhanced with new lei-friendly plantings.

Outdoor Learning Space
Campus Center pavilion
(808) 689-2683

* Hours subject to change

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