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Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study (FWS) program, a form of student employment, awards monies for part-time employment to students with financial need. This program is designed to help students pay for education expenses while gaining valuable work experience. Students will learn how to apply and interview for jobs; learn essential organization and communication skills; and gain confidence in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Federal Work Study (FWS) is the amount of money you are able to earn up to for the academic year while working on UH West Oʻahu campus
  • Jobs are limited and being awarded work study does not guarantee a job on campus
  • FWS is not a loan, but simply an amount of money you can earn from working
  • If you do not find a work study job, the funds will not be paid to you. Not accepting FWS, does not impact your ability to receive aid in the future.
  • Recipients of this award must be enrolled at least half-time (minimum 6-credits) and meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements for financial aid

The Financial Aid Office determines earnings limits (e.g. FWS award) and the student will be notified of this limit via their award offer.

How it works at UH West O‘ahu

Students must search and apply for jobs in order to earn up to the award amount you have been awarded. To view the amount you have been awarded, please log into your MyUH.

Once you start working, you will record those hours on your timesheet and submit them to your employer for approval. After it has been approved and processed, you will receive a paycheck for the net wages earned. You may earn up to the dollar amount of your work-study award within the start and end dates of the academic semester.

  • Students are paid bi-monthly. Depending on how many hours you work will determine your paycheck. Students are paid at least the minimum wage.

Finding jobs on campus

UH West Oʻahu offers a variety of on campus jobs including: Administrative/Clerical, Tutoring, Notetaker, IT Help Desk, Campus Mail Room and more!

To view available FWS positions go to the Student Employment website and click on the button on the top right that says Students & Employers Login Here!

  • Most students may go through an interview process and be expected to provide a resume and/or letters of recommendation. Diligent work performance must be maintained in order to keep a job.

Step 1: Complete your FAFSA online at:
*Please be sure to indicate that you are interested in Federal Work Study

Step 2: Complete all financial aid requirements in order to be considered for financial aid, which will include FWS (if eligible). Students will be notified via their email once they have been awarded financial aid.

Step 3: If awarded with FWS, students can log into SECE to view available job opportunities.

Step 4: Apply for FWS job directly on SECE. Application materials may differ between departments and job type.

Step 5: You will be notified from the department directly if you have been selected for a job interview and/or if you have been hired.

Step 6: After being hired, students will be required to complete additional documents, including but not limited to: Federal Income Tax Withholding Form (W-4), SO Hawaii Employee Withholding Allowance and status certificate (HW-4), Federal form I-9, general confidentiality notice form, PTS enrollment form, HIP Direct Deposit.

Off-Campus FWS Opportunities

Most FWS jobs are community serviced based. However, we do have a few off-campus job opportunities that are primarily Reading and Math tutors. For Reading Tutor details, please contact Mike Hayes at

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