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Welcome to the Noʻeau Center!

Get Into The Funk of Fall 2020

Virtual Student Conference

The No’eau Center will be hosting a Virtual Student Conference. Our Online Conference will be two hours long providing you with insights into how UH West O’ahu has been pivoting to ensure a safe and engaging academic journey. Get the most up to date information on Fall re-opening. Re-connect with your UH West O’ahu Ohana while learning about online strategies and tools. Learn how engagement and involvement can transcend physical spaces. Registration is required.

We've Gone Virtual

Like your classes, you can find us online. Visit our virtual front desk at bit.ly/noeaucenter from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm to speak with a No’eau Center Staff.
The Noʻeau Center offers an innovative approach to assisting students through peer-tutoring, testing, workshops, and other support services. We promote life-long learning for students at all levels of ability to gain the skills necessary for effective, confident, and independent learning.
 Revised July 30, 2020

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