Getting The Most Out of G Suite - Google Meet

Goals and Objectives

  • Learn how to schedule or start meetings from a variety of sources.
  • Record and save meetings to be accessed later time
  • Utilize the activities section to access breakout rooms, polls, Q&A, and the whiteboard.
  • Dial in using your phone to connect to meetings using your phone’s audio.
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0:00 Introduction
0:08 What is Google Meet
0:19 Why should I use it?
0:50 How do I access it?
1:39 Guided Walkthrough
1:51 Joining a meeting
2:26 Pre-check area
2:51 Meeting Control Bar
2:56 Mute/Unmute
3:23 Video On/Off
3:50 Closed Captions
4:09 Raise Hand
4:30 Present Now
4:39 Additional Tools
5:36 Dial In
5:56 Leave Meeting
6:07 Meeting Details
6:26 People Tab
7:02 Message Tab
7:17 Activities Tab
8:16 Host Controls
8:43 Final Considerations

Workshop Quiz