Developing Successful Presentations: Part I - Analyzing Assignment Prompts

This segment of our Developing Successful Presentations series discusses the importance of thoroughly analyzing assignment prompts. Before you can begin planning and preparing for your presentation, you have to identify what your professor’s requirements and restrictions are. We point out some of the most important considerations.

Goals and Objectives

  • Improve critical analysis of assignment prompts
  • Better prepare for presentations by proactively planning ahead
  • Deliver more effective presentations by considering who is in the audience and tailoring the material to be appropriate for the people in the room
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0:00 Introduction

0:48 Is there a time limit to your presentation?

1:03 Is there a dress code?

1:20 Is it an individual or group presentation?

1:29 Who is your audience?

1:45 Are you expected or allowed to use visual aids?

2:17 How will the presentation be delivered?

2:36 Quiz prompt

3:00 Series overview

3:16 No‘eau Center contact information

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