Noʻeau Team

Peer Tutors

Peer-tutors are undergraduates with majors and concentrations across the various UH West Oʻahu disciplines. They have been selected through a competitive application process, for their exceptional reading, writing, mathematics, and subject content abilities, their broad intellectual curiosity, their keen interpersonal skills, and their desire to assist and learn with their peers. Once peer-tutors have been accepted, these individuals complete various training sessions designed to educate them in peer-tutoring techniques and the challenges of different disciplines.

Noʻeau Staff

Headshot of Ka'iulani Akamine, Testing Coordinator

Ka'iulani Akamine

Director Of Student Engagement

(808) 689-2749

Headshot of Robyn Tasaka, Tutor Coordinator

Robyn Tasaka

Director of No'eau Center

(808) 689-2753

Headshot of Jessica Norimoto

Jessica Norimoto

Operations Manager for Student Engagement

(808) 689-2937

Headshot of Leslie Opulauoho

Leslie Opulauoho

Testing Coordinator

(808) 689-2752

Headshot of Nicholas Mitchell

Nicholas Mitchell

Student Services Specialist

(808) 689-2756

Headshot of Michelle Zheng

Michelle Zheng

Tutor Consultant

(808) 689-2757

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