Getting The Most Out of G Suite - Google Docs

Learn how to create, store, share, and work on documents online utilizing the Google Cloud and Google Docs platform. Unlock the power of Google Docs by watching this short video.

Goals and Objectives

  • Build confidence navigating the Google Docs interface
  • Create new documents, access the pre-made template gallery, and share documents with others
  • Tap into the collaborative features of the program like “chat,” “comment,” and “assign” functions
  • Download and convert file formats, or upload documents created in Microsoft Word
  • Use the platform’s machine learning “Explore” tab Access files offline
Additional Documents

Need Proof Of Completion?

Please watch the video below. If you need proof of completion for course credit, be sure to complete the Google Forms quiz as directed in the video. You will receive your score via email shortly after submitting the Google Form. 

In addition, upon successful completion of at least 4 workshops in this series, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. Certificates can be resume boosters and can be shared with professors as proof of completion. After meeting the above requirements, you can request a Certificate of Completion.

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0:00 Introduction

0:16 What is Google Docs?

0:35 Why should I use Google Docs?

1:02 How do I access Google Docs?

1:42 Guided walk-through

2:02 Creating new documents

2:17 The “Template gallery”

2:37 Naming and saving the file to the desired location

3:16 General interface design and the auto-save feature

3:51 Accessing the full list of pre-loaded fonts

4:15 Sharing documents with others

4:35 Adjusting the default share settings

5:54 Downloading and converting files

6:23 Uploading documents created in Microsoft Word

7:08 The “Version history” feature

7:45 Collaborative functions: Chat, comment, and assign features

8:16 The “Explore” button (a machine learning feature)

9:27 The “Add-ons” tab (3rd party software)

9:52 Google Chrome offline extension

10:27 Additional considerations (pros and cons)

11:26 G Suite Workshop Series ala carte menu

11:36 Closing and Noʻeau Center contact information

Workshop Quiz