Getting The Most Out of G Suite - Google Keep

Goals and Objectives

  • Show you how you can label and customize your notes
  • Set reminders that can be pushed to your phone based on time or location
  • Take notes on the right side of your screen, next to a main document 
  • Utilize the mobile app to take notes with a voice recording or picture
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0:00 Introduction
0:09 What is Google Keep?
0:34 Why should I use it?
1:03 Guided walkthrough
1:06 How to access
1:54 How to create a new note
2:23 Google Keep tools
2:28 Reminders
2:56 Add Collaborators
3:30 Background
3:44 Add Images
4:17 Archive
4:30 Delete
4:43 Labels
5:08 Table of contents
5:22 Add Drawing
6:05 Make a Copy
6:18 Show Checkboxes
7:07 Grid view vs List view
7:35 Quick Changes
8:00 Dark mode vs Light mode
8:16 Search
8:32 G-Suite Compatibility
9:03 Mobile
9:16 Voice to note
9:33 Mobile camera
9:44 Additional Considerations
10:45 Thank you and Conclusion

Workshop Quiz