Developing Successful Presentations: Mini Workshop Series

This workshop series on Developing Successful Presentations is segmented into 8 on-demand clips. Treat the list of options as an ala carte menu, and customize your own learning experience by selecting the options that are most applicable for you or your students. Watch the introduction for a brief overview of the series. There are segments for both individual and team presentations, and we cover all phases of the planning and rehearsal process. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Improve critical analysis of assignment prompts
  • Build effective teams for group presentations
  • Develop visually appealing slides
  • Improve performance quality
  • Encourage audience interaction
  • Learn how to capitalize on the technology utilized in virtual and recorded presentations
Additional Documents

Need Proof Of Completion?

Please watch the workshops below. If you need proof of completion for course credit, be sure to complete each Google Forms quiz as directed each in video. You will receive your score via email shortly after submission. This can be shared with your instructor as proof of completion.


Developing Successful Presentations: Mini Workshop Series