Literature Review Workshop

This workshop goes over what a literature review is and its structure help you get started in writing it. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of common expectations for literature reviews
  • Gain an understanding of the process of writing a literature review
  • Learn about synthesizing information
  • Discover resources to help with writing a literature review
  • Applying the topics discussed in the workshop in an activity
Additional Documents

Need Proof Of Completion?

Please watch the video below. If you need proof of completion for course credit, be sure to complete the Google Forms quiz as directed in the video. You will receive a copy of your responses immediately. Your responses will also be manually graded. You will receive a score and feedback on your responses in 1-2 weeks.

Workshop Video

Workshop Resources

0:00 Introduction 
0:05 Who is this workshop for? 
0:14 How to complete the workshop for course credit
0:51 What is a literature review? 
1:58 Organization of a literature review 
2:20 Writing a literature review 
3:07 Synthesizing, outlining, and themes 
7:09 Breaking themes into subsections 
7:30 Thesis statements 
9:39 Thank you and Noʻeau Center contact information
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Workshop Quiz