College And The Writing Process: Part I - Getting Started

This workshop discusses expectations for college writing and offers a variety of strategies for prewriting.

Goals and Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of college writing expectations 
  • Learn about your most valuable writing resources
  • Develop various brainstorming strategies
  • Practice prewriting
  • Assess your understanding of the concepts discussed through activities and resources
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Workshop Video

Workshop Resources

Workshop Handout

0:00 Introduction

1:11 Welcome to the “big leagues” of writing

2:49 Know your resources – your professor

4:17 Professor expectations

5:34 Know your resources – your game plan

7:30 Prewriting

8:35 Brainstorming tools – free writing/journaling

9:41 Brainstorming tools – listing

10:32 Brainstorming tools – outlining

11:10 Brainstorming tools – mind mapping/clustering

11:40 Brainstorming tools – Venn diagramming

12:32 Noʻeau Center contact information

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