Getting The Most Out of G Suite - Google Sheets

Goals and Objectives

  • Build confidence navigating the Google Sheets interface
  • Create new sheets, access the pre-made template gallery, and share sheets with others  
  • Better understand how to use basic functions like freeze, conditional formatting, and alternating colors 
  • Organize data with the sort and filter functions 
  • Split text to columns when pasting in data sets from the web or CSV files
  • Manage large data sets with basic statistics and count functions
  • Create line and bar graphs

Need Proof Of Completion?

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In addition, upon successful completion of at least 4 workshops in this series, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. Certificates can be resume boosters and can be shared with professors as proof of completion. After meeting the above requirements, you can request a Certificate of Completion.

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Google Sheets Keyboard Hotkeys for PC and MAC


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0:00 Introduction
0:18 What is Google Sheets?
0:38 Why should I use Google Sheets?
1:06 How do I access Google Sheets?
1:42 Guided walk-through
1:49 Creating a new blank spreadsheet or use a premade template
2:05 The template gallery
2:33 Naming and saving a spreadsheet to your desired location
3:04 Starring a spreadsheet for quick Google Drive access
3:21 The File tab
3:39 Sharing spreadsheets with others
4:32 The Edit tab
4:47 Hotkey shortcuts
4:59 The View tab
5:12 Example of freezing a column
5:20 The Insert tab
5:35 The Format tab
6:00 Conditional formatting example
7:16 Alternating colors example
7:55 The Data tab
8:02 Sort and filter function examples
8:49 Split text to columns example
9:30 Countif and Count function examples
10:44 Basic statistics function examples (min, max, average, median, mode)
11:19 Line chart example
11:54 Bar chart example
12:38 Additional considerations (pros and cons)
13:17 G Suite Workshop Series ala carte menu
13:29 Noʻeau Center contact information

Workshop Quiz