Bachelor of Arts in Creative Media

Video Game Design and Development


Students in the Video Game Design and Development concentration will experience the entire game development cycle – from creating concept art and UI & UX for games, to coding for artificial intelligence and virtual reality gaming experiences. Students will develop specialized skills that prepare them for cutting-edge careers in a vibrant, multifaceted, and expansive industry. Students will acquire the breadth of knowledge needed to build a career not just in game programming but in other industries that use gaming and simulation, from education to healthcare and public policy.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the concentration in General Creative Media, students will be able to:

  • Produce, format and distribute content across all major media platforms.
  • Produce video and audio content such as recording on location and in the studio, editing, and creating basic media graphics.
  • Identify, gather, assess, record, and research relevant information for a project.
  • Identify and apply interviewing techniques as part of the interview and investigation process.
  • Analyze and discuss media trends and issues.
  • Communicate concepts and ideas for a media project using industry terminology, both verbally and in writing.
  • Evaluate and critique work in chosen medium.
  • Apply basic design principles to various types of video, print, and interactive media.
  • Produce a professional portfolio to acquire a job within the media industry or corporate environment.
  • Practice meeting deadlines and submit work according to professional presentation standards.

Careers and Earning Potential

In Hawaiʻi the creative sector supports a wide spectrum of commercial businesses, individuals, cultural enterprises and non-profit institutions. Creative enterprises produce, directly or indirectly, a range of goods services that are the product of artistry, design, aesthetic value or cultural enterprise.

For more information on careers and earning potential, visit the Hawaiʻi Industry Sectors website.