Bachelor of Arts in Humanities



The study of philosophy involves the critical reflection and evaluation of cultural and individual belief systems. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities with a concentration in Philosophy will learn to articulate an understanding of, and appreciation for, the ideas and systems of thought that have influenced cultures and societies throughout history. The study of philosophy involves contemplating right and wrong in moral issues, and the practice of forming an argument for debate. A Philosophy major reads and writes extensively and is able to discern and present valid arguments persuasively. Courses are taught in-class and through distance learning instruction.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates with a concentration in Philosophy from UH West O‘ahu will be able to:

  • Identify major philosophers in the history of Western philosophy.
  • Identify major world philosophies.
  • Apply philosophies to other disciplines.
  • Analyze contemporary issues and construct original solutions.
  • Present philosophical ideas concisely in a thesis driven paper.
  • Articulate philosophical ideas orally in either a formal or informal presentation.

Careers and Earning Potential

A Philosophy degree prepares students for a variety of careers that involve presenting oral or written arguments, drafting clear policies, adjudicating ethical dilemmas or providing alternative conceptual schemes. Philosophy graduates possess excellent research, writing and problem-solving skills, and have well-developed critical thinking abilities for analyzing and evaluating information.

Undergraduates are increasingly choosing to major in Philosophy, a discipline that develops the critical thinking, reading and writing skills that are extremely useful in any workplace.

Potential career paths include journalism, marketing, finance, health care, social work, property development, advocacy and education. Students may also pursue graduate degrees in law, medicine, library studies, political science and philosophy.

According to the Higher Education Statistic Agency in the UK, the number of Philosophy graduates employed either full-time or part-time has gone up by 13 percent compared to 9 percent for all graduates between 2002-2003 and 2005-2006. The highest increase in employment opportunities for Philosophy majors was in business-related fields such as finance and property development.

According to the National Association of College and Employers, Philosophy graduates are the highest paid surpassing all other Humanities majors in 2016.

For more information on careers and earning potential, visit the Hawaiʻi Career Explorer website.

Student Clubs

The UH West O‘ahu Humanities Club promotes arts and culture within the context of the campus and the community at large. Its specific objectives include support for senior projects in the Humanities, preparation for graduate school, and facilitation of local employment and internship opportunities. The Humanities Club also organizes activities that foster a sense of cohesion among UH West O‘ahu faculty and students, and provides a wonderful venue for an increased understanding of the study of Humanities and an opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students.