The University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu’s Bachelor of Arts in Humanities degree emphasizes multi-cultural perspectives (gaining knowledge about other cultures and being able to critically analyze and compare this information), multi-disciplinary perspectives, and writing abilities. Students gain breadth in the Humanities, where multidisciplinary and multi-cultural perspectives are considered important, by taking a number of Humanities Core requirements that focus on these topics.

All students majoring in Humanities are required to complete a capstone course in their concentration of choice (e.g., Senior Project or Practicum). The Division also recommends that students complete two semesters of Hawaiian or a second language.

Certificates in Asian Studies and Music are also offered and may be completed along with any degree program.

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Humanities Concentrations


The concentration in English offers students the opportunity to critically and creatively examine literature; artistic expression; cultural, social, and rhetorical analyses; and a wide array of reading and writing practices.

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Film, Media, and Popular Culture

Students enrolled in the Film, Media, and Popular Culture concentration analyze film, television, popular music, and journalistic media by selecting one of three tracks: Film and Television Studies, Music/Theatre, or Journalism/Media Analysis. They also explore the arts through coursework in creative media, creative writing, or music practice.

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Hawaiian-Pacific Studies

The concentration in Hawaiian-Pacific Studies offers a wide array of courses on Hawai‘i and the Pacific Islands, enabling students to gain an overview of Pacific Island peoples and an in-depth knowledge of specific aspects of the cultures of Hawai‘i and the Pacific. The curriculum is designed to provide a good foundation of knowledge that includes art, history, language, literature, and contemporary issues of all Oceania (including Australia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia) with Hawai‘i at its core.

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History is the study of the past based on finding, analyzing, and interpreting recorded evidence. It is a discipline that seeks both to understand the past in its own terms and to explain the present in light of the past.

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The concentration in Mathematics prepares students with a foundation in the liberal arts to serve professional, career-related, and applied fields based on state and regional needs. It is intended to familiarize students with a wide range of areas within the field of mathematics and to instill in them an appreciation for the rigor and structure of the discipline.

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The study of philosophy involves contemplating right and wrong in moral issues, and the practice of forming an argument for debate. Students pursuing a concentration in Philosophy will learn to articulate an understanding of, and appreciation for, the ideas and systems of thought that have influenced cultures and societies throughout history.

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