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Summer Financial Aid

University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu students enrolled in the summer may be eligible to receive federal funding, such as the Federal Pell Grant and/or federal loans, as well as private loans. Students who did not utilize their federal loans up to their annual loan limits during the academic year may be eligible to apply these funds towards their summer costs with at least half-time enrollment.

Generally, students who have applied/received financial assistance during the Fall 2021 and/or Spring 2022 and who continue to meet Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) may be considered as follows:

Federal Pell Grant

Available to qualified students who did not utilize their full 150% Pell Grant eligibility during the academic year 21-22.

The summer Pell Grant is available to qualified students:

  1. Who enroll at least half-time (6 or more credits) and may have used their full-time, annual scheduled award (100% usage).
    Example 1: If you received a Pell Grant for full-time enrollment in both the fall and spring, you are only eligible for a Summer Pell Grant if you enroll at least half-time (6 or more credits) in the summer term.
  2. Who enroll at least less than half-time (1-5 credits) and did not utilize their full-time, annual scheduled award (<100% usage) during the fall and/or spring semesters.
    Example 2: If you received a Pell Grant at less than full-time enrollment during the fall and/or the spring, you may have Pell Grant eligibility remaining if you minimally enroll at less than half-time.

Note: Receiving a Federal Pell Grant during any semester will count toward your 600% Pell Grant Lifetime Limit. To view your Federal Pell Grant Life Time Eligibility Used (LEU) percentage, please log into “” using your FSA ID:

Federal Direct Loans

To utilize federal loans for the summer, students must be enrolled at least half-time enrollment (6 or more credits) at UH West Oʻahu.

*If you have already received federal loans up to your maximum annual loan limit during the fall and spring terms, you will not be eligible for an increase to your federal loans.

The annual limits are as follows:

Subsidized Additional Unsubsidized Maximum Combined
Dependent Freshmen: $3,500 $2,000 $5,500
Dependent Sophomore: $4,500 $2,000 $6,500
Dependent Junior/Senior: $5,500 $2,000 $7,500
Independent Freshmen: $3,500 $6,000 $9,500
Independent Sophomore: $4,500 $6,000 $10,500
Independent Junior/Senior: $5,500 $7,000 $12,500

Private Loans

Before applying for a private loan, students are strongly encouraged to utilize any remaining federal student loans. If students would like to finance their summer tuition by applying for a private loan, students will need to apply directly through the lender in which they are interested in borrowing from.

For more information about federal and private loans, including the maximum annual federal loan limits please visit the Loans webpage.

Additional Information:

  • University of Hawai’i-Oahu’s Summer Financial Aid Request form will be available on our website by the time of Summer 2022 registration. If you have any questions, please contact us at for any questions.
  • Summer awards will be based on expected costs for the period of enrollment, enrollment level, and remaining eligibility. Any changes to your registration may affect and delay your financial aid.
  • Prior to disbursement, eligibility will be determined. If your award is based on enrollment in both summer sessions aid may not be disbursed until 2nd summer session starts.
    • Example: If financial aid is based on 6 credits and you are enrolled 3 credits summer session 1 and 3 credits summer session 2 we may not be able to disburse aid until you actually start the second session. This is true for student loans and may be true for Pell.
  • For students who are concurrently enrolled please complete a Concurrent Enrollment Form online located on our Financial Aid Forms page. A minimum of 6 credits at UH West Oʻahu is still required for concurrent enrollment to count toward your financial aid eligibility.

Financial aid will be applied to your UHWO student account no earlier than:

Summer Session 1 Summer Session 2 Summer Session 1 and 2
(6 credit enrollment) (6 credit enrollment) (3 credit SS1 + 3 credit SS2 enrollment)
No earlier than: May 16, 2022 No earlier than: July 5, 2022 No earlier than: July 5, 2022

ATTENTION: If you do not complete or attend the courses upon which your summer aid is based, you may be REQUIRED TO REPAY any aid that was applied to your account

Submission of a Summer Financial Aid Form

Due to high volume, we continue to review forms based on the order that we receive them. Submission of this form does not excuse or extend any upcoming payment deadlines and does not guarantee an increase to your financial aid award.

Summer Financial Aid Form

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