Gender Studies

A Gender Studies certificate emphasizes progressive and transformative possibilities in our world, while also recognizing how gender interacts with systems of inequality. The Gender Studies certificate is designed for all undergraduates to acquire a focused background in contemporary transdisciplinary scholarship in feminist and gender studies. Whatever a student’s concentration is, they can benefit from studying social and cultural achievements of women and applying contributions from feminist theory to the world around them. The certificate’s practical value is the enhancement of students’ abilities to think critically and constructively about the society and communities they are a part of with a focus on gender. The proposed certificate’s curriculum includes appropriate interdisciplinary courses. It will consist of 15 upper division credits including those in English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration and Sociology. Further, it offers a credential that is applicable to a wide range of careers including medicine, nursing, law, business, education, counseling, and social work. The certificate will also provide the theoretical groundwork for advanced feminist and gender studies at the graduate level.

Learning Outcomes and Program Sheet


Dr. Monique Mironesco
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Dr. Xóchitl Mota-Back
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