The Certificate in Music provides UH West O‘ahu students with an opportunity to improve skills and gain knowledge in four areas of music: music performance; music theory and music writing; music technology; and music history and literature. Students will benefit from a diverse set of experiences designed to enhance musicianship in traditional and contemporary music ensembles, encourage music creativity, and foster a better understanding of music’s role in our world. Students desiring life-long participation in community ensembles will find the Certificate in Music useful as a bridge to post-college music-making. Graduates of the Certificate in Music will also be better prepared to incorporate music into their career pursuits. Elementary educators, for instance, incorporate music into their classroom teaching; Business/Marketing graduates use their knowledge of music literature to support an effective advertising campaign; and Creative Media majors use their practical skills in the recording studio to reinforce the impact of a film or documentary.

Learning Outcomes


Dr. Jon Magnussen
Associate Professor
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