Nāulu Fitness Center

The Nāulu Fitness Center sits off the side of the Nāulu Center, packing state-of-the-art exercise machines and free weights into its 500 square feet. It features Freemotion Fitness machines designed for cardio and strength include state-of-the-art pulley machines, treadmills (one of which can be adjusted to a 30-degree incline), free weights, and two bikes. The fitness center also serves as the home for UH West Oʻahu’s Intramurals Sports, Fitness and Wellness program.

Students, faculty & staff may sign up for one-hour appointments on STAR Balance, with a limit of three appointments per week.  If Students wish to schedule more than 3 appointments per week, they can email imwest@hawaii.edu. To use the fitness center, people must sign a standard waiver and agree to sanitize machines and tidy the area after workouts.

Nāulu Fitness Center
Campus Center 1st Floor, C135A
M-Th: 10a - 1p (Closed Friday)
Reservations through STAR Balance
(808) 689-2673
Treadmill in Pueo Fitness Center