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Course Program of Study is a process for University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu (UHWO) maintain compliance with Title IV (federal) regulations regarding course taken and counted toward federal financial aid eligibility.  The federal regulations require federal financial aid be awarded for courses that are required for the primary degree a student is enrolled in (UHWO does not fund any non-degree or certificate programs). This federal regulation makes it important to take classes that apply toward one’s degree requirements.  Doing so will help ensure that the courses taken will be eligible for financial aid (with a few exceptions) and will also help students complete their degrees faster!

Below are some helpful questions and answers to understand how CPOS impacts you:

How do I know what degree I am enrolled in? You can see your degree plan in your STAR account.  Your major will be listed at the top of your GPS Registration page.

GPS Registration window sample

How do I know what courses count for this degree? Your STAR account will be a helpful tool in displaying the required courses for your degree.  They are listed in your STAR Graduation Pathway.  You can also click on a requirement for more details regarding what courses count for that requirement.
Screen shot of STAR interface.
What if I need to change my degree? To either add or change your Degree/Concentration, you will need to complete an Add or Change of Degree/Concentration/Certificate eForm with the Records Office. If you find that your degree is incorrect, it is very important that you make this change as soon as possible. Note: UHWO does not fund non-degree/certificate programs with federal financial aid.

How do I know if my classes count for financial aid?

When you register, be sure to check your STAR GPS Registration.  Any course listed as NOT IN PLAN or Non-Applicable will not count for financial aid.  Here are how the courses will appear in your STAR:

STAR window sample

If you see a course labeled as NOT IN PLAN or Non-Applicable, don’t worry!  We encourage you to email or make an appointment with your College Success Advisor as soon as possible to determine the best course of action.

You can schedule an appointment with an College Success Advisor on STAR Balance or by calling Advising at (808) 689-2689.

Why would a class not count for financial aid?

Generally, a course will display as NOT IN PLAN because it does not count toward a requirement for the degree.  This could be because the course is not part of the degree plan or because you took a course(s) that already fulfills that requirement. A course will display as Non-Applicable when it is a repeat; however, some repeats can count and will be adjusted accordingly.  See the next section for details on repeats that can count for financial aid.

Can I repeat classes and still have them count for financial aid?

Federal regulations allow the repeat of an applicable course once for financial aid purposes if you previously earned a passing grade.  Non-passing grades are allowed to be repeated for financial aid purposes until a passing grade is obtained. Please see below for some examples of when the repeat of a passed course may or may not be counted towards financial aid:

Example 1st Attempt 2nd Attempt 3rd Attempt Course counts for financial aid
Example 1 F D Enrolled Yes
Example 2 C Enrolled Yes
Example 3 D C Enrolled No
Example 4 D F Enrolled No
Example 5 W F Enrolled Yes
Example 6 D W Enrolled No
Example 7 W Enrolled Yes
Example 8 W D Enrolled Yes
Example 9 F F Enrolled Yes

In order for a repeat course to be considered for financial aid, the course must be taken at UHWO. Repeat courses taken at another UH campus will not be considered.

IMPORTANT: Federal regulations considers a D- to be a passing grade and is considered for financial aid purposes.

However, UHWO considers a D- as a non-passing grade for academic purposes. In regards to repeats, the UHWO academic record will use your most recent attempted class as your standing grade. If a D- or F is the repeat grade and the initial grade was a D or higher, students will not retroactively lose the credits that they previously earned. Grades from both initial and repeat attempts remain a part of the student’s permanent academic record.

UHWO financial aid considers ALL grades/classes attempted toward your financial aid satisfactory academic progress (SAP) policy. For more information, please visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress page.

What about courses that can be repeated for credit?

Courses which can be repeated for credit – meaning they can count more than once – may be counted for financial aid. Be sure to check with your College Success Advisor if a repeatable course will be counted towards a requirement in your degree.

What if I am taking courses at another university of Hawai‘i Campus?

A course taken at another UH campus may be considered for financial aid at UHWO if the following requirements are met:

  1. Your home campus is UHWO, and you are enrolled for at least 6 credits at UHWO.
  2. The course taken at another UH campus must apply to your UHWO degree (qualify under Course Program of Study).
  3. Complete a Concurrent Enrollment Form and have this signed and approved by your College Success Advisor. Click here to see the list of Financial Aid forms. Complete the Concurrent Enrollment Form and consult with your College Success Advisor.
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