Dining Hall: Da Spot

The Dining Hall features a modern, contemporary space with numerous tables and booths for students to eat, study, or meet. Operated by Da Spot Health Foods & Juices, the Dining Hall offerings range from made-to-order to grab-and-go dining options. Outside seating is also available for those looking for an outdoor dining experience.

Da Spot offers a number of cuisines ranging from Mediterranean and North African to American, Asian, fusion, and Hawaiian, with vegan and specialty meat options that can be certified halal or kosher. Da Spot also serves up a delicious selection of smoothies, acai bowl and zabadi side dishes, and homemade desserts, including freshly baked baklava.

Dining Hall: Da Spot
Campus Center 1st Floor
M-F: 7:00a-7:00p
(808) 689-2970
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Students Eating and Hanging Out at Da Spot