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China’s Mass-Surveillance Goes Global: SMS Invasion

Overview: State-sponsored Chinese hacking group Lotus Blossom (AKA APT41) has infiltrated 4 telecom companies operating in undisclosed locations. The purpose of this infiltration was to expand their Orwellian suppression of “dissident” activity, or anything the Communist Party of China (CCP) finds offensive. The CCP has expanded their oversight outside of the confines of China and […]

Chinese APT “Thrip” Identified

Executive Overview:         In early September Symantec information security researchers discovered that a “new” Chinese cyber espionage group detected last June, “Thrip”, is actually a subsidiary of another, larger Chinese espionage organization and has been active for a decade. The parent organization, “Lotus Blossom”, is an established and highly active APT based in China with ties […]

China “Xi’s” Red: Cyber Warfare Used on Hong Kong Protestors

Executive Overview: The Communist Party of China (CCP) is reportedly resorting to cyber warfare methods in an attempt to suppress the democratic movement in Hong Kong. In June and September, large-scale DDoS attacks were levied at apps used by protestors to organize rallies and coordinate around government attempts at suppression. Background: After 6 months of […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, 02 November 2018

China Telecom and BGP Hijacking In an article in Military Cyber Affairs, researchers claim to have uncovered evidence that China Telecom has been deliberately using Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) hijacking to selectively divert internet traffic originating in the US and Canada through China.   Source: Military Cyber Affairs, China’s Maxim – Leave No Access Point […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, 09 FEB 2017

Spearphising the Olympics A recent report by security software company McAfee reveals that unknown hackers launched a spearphishing campaign targeting organizations preparing for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The primary target were groups affiliated with ice hockey that worked to provide infrastructure or in some other supporting role, but the McAfee report […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, 09 NOV 2017

Chinese APTs Renew Corporate Espionage Operations Against US Companies Two years after the US and China agreed not to conduct or support cyber operations against each other in ways that would affect the commercial sector, new threat intelligence research from PwC seems to indicate that China has recently renewed corporate espionage efforts targeting US companies […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, 29 SEPT 2017

Deloitte Data Breach Multinational accounting and auditing firm Deloitte was the victim of a major cyberattack that lead to unauthorized access to the company’s internal email systems. Staff and client data was stolen, including usernames, passwords, IP addresses, business diagrams, and health information and email “attachments with sensitive security and design details.” When did it […]

Ehdoor/EHDevel Infostealing Malware Targets Pakistan, India

Researchers at cybersecurity providers Symantec and Bitdefender recently documented what appears to be a sustained cyberespionage campaign, ongoing since at least October 2016 that targets individuals involved in regional security issues in Pakistan and India. Symantec says that governments and militaries with operations in S. Asia and interests in regional security issues would likely be […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, 01 SEPT 2017

Turla Group, the Gazer Backdoor, and WhiteBear Activity This week, two security researchers published reports relating to well-known cyberespionage APT group,Turla. Security researchers from ESET, an IT security company based in Slovakia, wrote about a previously undocumented backdoor called Gazer which appears to be the latest tool used in an ongoing cyberespionage campaign targeting embassies […]

Global Weekly Executive Summary, August 11, 2107

eLoran: New Interest in Radio Navigation Technology after GPS Jamming Incidents Recent incidents of GPS interference and jamming and the possibility of cyberattacks have renewed interest in earth-based radio navigation systems. South Korea, the US, Russia, and Britain have all independently been exploring Enhanced Long Range Navigation, or eLoran, with the aim of updating the […]