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Fuzz Testing

Fuzz testing, or fuzzing which is a form of software testing that involves providing invalid, unexpected or random data input to the software application in an attempt to make it crash  (Rouse, 2016).  The concept behind fuzz testing is that software can have a lot of different bugs relating to data input.  For example, the […]

Four Free Vulnerability Assessment Software

Vulnerability Assessment or Vulnerability Scanner Software help security professionals automate security auditing and help find vulnerabilities in your systems.  The software can scan hundreds or thousands of computers on an network and list out the security vulnerabilities or risks, describe them and list solutions or remedies. Though there are many vulnerability assessment software out there, […]

Building a Vulnerability/Malware Test Lab

Introduction A good way to understand how malicious software works is to drop the malware in a controlled environment, a vulnerability or malware test lab that you can infect to observe and analyze how the malware behaves on the system without affecting your production system. Although you can use old PCs and hardware to create […]