Email: Don’t Pass Go!

Businesses are highly affected by email scams. One scam reaching critical level is the W-2 scam.  The scam is aimed toward the HR department of an organization using sophisticated phishing technique and pretexting via email.  Attackers can gain access to company information, specifically an employee’s Continue Reading

SIM Card Identity Theft

Background- What is a SIM card identity theft? Basically, it is the stealing of your mobile identity. This fairly new way of identity theft/fraud is appearing everywhere. The list of attacks to watch out for in the cyber-security world is becoming more prominent and this Continue Reading

Incident Response Plan

Background- Cyber-attacks are becoming a more serious issue by the year. Today, there is no arguing with the facts: attacks are more frequent, sophisticated, widespread, and costly than ever. In 2015, cyber-attacks cost companies about $3 trillion according to “DarkReading”. By 2021, the number is Continue Reading

Protect Your Online Accounts with Two-Factor Authentication

Background- Majority of people today have many different online accounts like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, banking accounts, email, etc. Each of these accounts have information about your personal life. The information within these accounts are what hackers look for when figuring out a potential avenue into Continue Reading

Securing a Home Network

Background: Most day-to-day tasks are normally done from the safety of home. Tasks include: checking your banking statements, paying bills, reading emails, chatting on social media, or simply browsing the web. These tasks done on a day-to-day basis, is the reason securing your network is Continue Reading