Category: Global Weekly Executive Summaries

Chinese APT Hafnium Attacking Microsoft Exchange Servers

By: Anthony Eich Executive Summary Volexity, a U.S. based cybersecurity company released information regarding an active hack from a Chinese government backed Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) hacking group known as Hafnium that is specifically targeting on-premises (no cloud servers have been targeted so far) Microsoft Exchange servers [1]. Microsoft confirmed the attacks in a press […]

North Korean Hackers Charged By U.S. Department of Justice in Global Crime Spree

By: Anthony Eich Executive Summary Three members of an elite hacker group within the military intelligence ranks of the North Korean government have been indicted by the United States Justice Department on charges of a multitude of cyber attacks to include banking heists, crypto currency embezzlement, as well as other cybercrimes. The members of the […]

Take Down: Emotet Botnet

By: Anthony Eich Executive Summary Emotet is the name of a major botnet that was recently disrupted after over six years of malicious activity spreading some of the most prolific malware known and causing massive amounts of financial damages in many countries around the world. A botnet is a network of private computers infected with […]

The Sunburst Effect: The erosion of trust in the digital supply chain

By: Anthony Eich Executive Summary The recent, wide-spread, cyber-attack that was a result of an infected software update from Texas based technology company SolarWinds— also known as the Sunburst hack— has had major impact that is being felt by a large number of private and government organizations. The malware was propagated through SolarWinds’s monitoring and management […]

Russian Intelligence Officers Charged with Multiple Cyber Crimes

Executive Summary: The United States charged six Russian Intelligence Officers on Monday, October 19th, 2020, who are associated with the Russian Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) unit 74455. These individuals were charged for “destructive malware attacks” with the intentions to disturb and sabotage other countries and cause monetary loss. All men were charged with multiple counts […]

Member of The Dark Overlord Hacker Group Caught and Charged For Cybercrime

Executive Summary: The Dark Overlord hacking group is known for hacking multiple organizations in the United States and the United Kingdom (U.K.) in demand for ransom. It is unknown how many people reside within this hacking group and the identities of the individuals. Although one member, Nathan Wyatt, a U.K. citizen was extradited to the […]

Security of the United States 2020 Electoral System and Process

Executive Summary: With the presidential election coming up people are skeptical about the security of the election system and the persistent foreign threat. President Donald Trump continues to claim how the voting process this year is ‘rigged’ and is prone to voter fraud. This is likely due to the pandemic making the voting process different […]

Experian Security Breach in South Africa

Executive Summary: Experian is a well-known company for analyzing and processing data to help other companies prevent identity fraud and crime. Some of their services include managing credit risk and credit reporting, which involve a lot of consumer personal information (About Experian 2020). On August 19, the South African Banking Risk Centre (SABRIC) announced that […]

Russian Cyber Spies Trying to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Research

Executive Summary: The coronavirus pandemic happened early 2020 and has affected the world since. Every country is scrambling to find a vaccine and to be the first country to produce a vaccine will gain a successful geopolitical story. According to security officials, Russian intelligence hackers, known as Advanced Persistent Threat/s (APT29), also could be called […]

Zoom Misrepresents Their Companies Security Protection

Executive Summary: The Zoom application has been essential during 2020 for individuals to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues while maintaining social distancing. Users were led to believe that Zoom was a secure application, but they have been exposed for not using end-to-end encryption and routing through China servers (Marks, 2020). Not only did this […]