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  • CVE-2022-43763: Insufficient check of preconditions could lead to Denial of Service conditions when calling commands on the Tbase server of B&R APROL versions < R 4.2-07.
  • CVE-2022-43765: B&R APROL versions < R 4.2-07 doesn’t process correctly specially formatted data packages sent to port 55502/tcp, which may allow a network based attacker to cause an …
  • CVE-2022-43764: Insufficient validation of input parameters when changing configuration on Tbase server in B&R APROL versions < R 4.2-07 could result in buffer overflow. This may lead to Denial-of-Service …
  • CVE-2022-43762: Lack of verification in B&R APROL Tbase server versions < R 4.2-07 may lead to memory leaks when receiving messages
  • CVE-2022-43761: Missing authentication when creating and managing the B&R APROL database in versions < R 4.2-07 allows reading and changing the system configuration.
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