Google search vulnerability allows forging of faulty Google search links

On January 7, 2019 cybersecurity professional Wietze Beukema reported a vulnerability in the Knowledge Graph of the Google search which allowed for the crafting of Google search uniform resource locators (URLs) with dubious results. This vulnerability allowed for a malicious person to create and send Continue Reading

Did China secretly install microchips to spy on U.S. companies?

What happened? Bloomberg reports that San Jose based company Supermicro implanted microchips on server motherboards.  Over 30 U.S. companies were reported to be affected, including Apple and Amazon, who both deny these claims. What is it? An ongoing investigation that started over 3 years ago Continue Reading

Roaming Mantis Campaign

What happened? A new cyber campaign involving poorly configured and vulnerable routers was exploited to infect several thousand Android smartphones. The malware dubbed “Roaming Mantis” infects Android smartphones by using DNS hijacking techniques as its distribution method. It is able to redirect users to malicious Continue Reading

Ledger Cryptocurrency Wallet Flaw

What happened? Security researcher, Saleem Rashid discovered a critical flaw in cryptocurrency wallet hardware created by the company, Ledger. A hardware wallets purpose is to protect a users cryptocurrency private wallet address from being stolen by malicious software located on a computer. It prevents the Continue Reading

Critical Flaws in AMD Zen Architectures

A set of critical vulnerabilities were recently discovered in AMD’s Zen processor line not unlike Intel’s Meltdown/Spectre. Israeli based security researchers from CTS Labs had released a white paper reporting their findings and concerns while redacting any technical details to prevent their tests from being Continue Reading

Memcached Server Attacks

The past few days saw an increase in distributed denial of service(DDoS) attacks involving Memcached servers which were noticed by security researchers Cloudflare, Arbor Networks and Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360. They reported that the attacks had spiked between February 25th, and February 27th. Continue Reading