Russian Web Portal Hacked and 100 Million Users Exposed

By Joseph Lorenz on September 9, 2016

Source:,, SecurityWeek)

One of Russia’s largest web portals named, which offers web searches, news aggregation, email, e-commerce, and other services has suffered a breach. It has been confirmed by LeakedSource, and the breach has affected nearly 100 million users of the site. The leak contains 98,167,935 records, with each of them containing a username, password, ICQ number, and some other internal data.

At the time of the breach Rambler stored it’s passwords in clear text, and this revealed numerous users using passwords that are extremely predictable.  Some of the most common ones included “asdasd”, “asdasd123”, “123456”, and “000000”. The same individual who provided the data dump from the 2012 breach(that affected 43 million accounts), has come forth and given LeakedSource the the data dump from Rambler. The hack that resulted in this leaked data has been dated back to February 17th 2012, making it the latest of recently revealed hacks that date back to 2012.