Postcard from Shakacon 2017

By MDL on July 14, 2017

350 Cybersecurity workers, administrators, students, and enthusiasts met at the Prince Waikiki Hotel on July 12-13, 2017 for Shakacon IX. Shakacon is billed as Hawaii’s only Call for Paper based IT security conference.


  • Destructive Malware– When Money isn’t a Motive, a talk on Shamoon and Shamoon2 by Mandiant reseacher Muks Hirani.
  • Pwned in Translation: From subtitles to RCE, a talk on subtitles drive by attacks, finding and exploiting open subtitle files for online streaming sites, by Checkpoint researchers Omri Herscovici and Omar Gull
  • Wifi -Based IMSI Catcher, a talk describing how IMSI catchers act as a fake base station to trick nearby mobile phones into connecting and authenticating without user interaction for the purposes of tracking or intercepting user data., by Piers O’Hanlon of the of Oxford.
  • Nyetya Ransomware /Wiper, an overview of the recent global ransomware attacks, by a Cisco Talos researcher.
  • The CTF, built and sponsored by Salesforce and organized by David Martinjak, featuring forensics, programming, and reversing challenges. Over 115 teams participated in this year’s CTF.
  • Lockpicking Village and Black Bag Challenge with Lady Merlin.

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