DDoS Attacks – Calculate the Cost and Probability

By John Atienza on April 26, 2016

Source: https://www.helpnetsecurity.com/2016/04/04/ddos-downtime-calculator/

DDoS mitigation market has seen a growth in revenue. $449.5 million account for earned revenues in 2014 and is estimated to double by 2019. Here’s a useful tool to calculate the downtime of a DDoS attack based on your company size, industry, type of hosting environment, most vulnerable operational area, security measures in place, and current level of confidence in DDoS prevention capabilities.

The link to the DDoS Downtime Calculator is here: http://lp.incapsula.com/ddos-downtime-cost-calculator.html?clickid=WB%3AW6MxoiyVWSN51JWTDqTrqUkSWiiT%3AvyOKXs0&utm_medium=ir&utm_source=aff&utm_campaign=247539&irgwc=1