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University of Hawaiʻi - West Oʻahu Music

Welcome to the site of Music at the University of Hawaiʻi – West Oʻahu campus, home to an exciting and growing regional hub in the state’s music education pipeline.

With a focus on creating, performing, and appreciating music, our campus offers a variety of music education opportunities, giving students from our Leeward and Central Oʻahu communities an accessible, college-level music option right in their own region.

Here, you’ll find information about people, courses, the recording lab, and performance ensembles – band, chorus, Hawaiian ensemble and string orchestra – and you can also learn how to become involved in the program. You’ll be able to explore the newly announced Certificate in Music, which gives students an opportunity to improve skills and gain knowledge in Music Performance, Music Theory and Writing, Music Technology, and Music History and Literature.

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Campus Music Events

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Why Music?

Music strengthens our sense of community, reminds us of our humanity, and is integral to our campus’ liberal arts foundation. As one of the seven liberal arts in ancient Greece, music was an integral part of the general education of the day. Today, music study is well known to promote qualities that employers desire:

  • attention to detail
  • a strong work ethic
  • an ability to work well with others

At UH West Oʻahu, music courses are designed to contribute to the cultural heritage of our communities by enhancing students’ music-making skills in traditional and contemporary music ensembles; by encouraging creativity in music in a process that exposes students to industry standard technology; and by fostering a better understanding of music’s role in our world.