Music Recording Lab

The D-249 Music Recording Lab gives students hand-on learning experience in studio recording workflow, featuring music industry standard equipment including digital and analog mixers, microphones, Mac-based DAWs (including Digital Performer and Pro Tools), and near range monitors.  The Lab houses all student recording projects for courses including:

  • MUS 208 “Intro to Songwriting”
  • MUS 240 “Intro to Music Technology”
  • MUS 308 “Songwriting II”
  • MUS 314 | CM 314 “Music, Sound and Media”
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Music Recording Lab Events

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Under the direction of Dr. Jon Magnussen, the Lab plays an integral role in the growth of student skills in studio performance, studio musicianship, and the documentation of the creative process. Here are some songs that have been created in the Music Recording Lab:

The Music Recording Lab brings industry-standard technology into the curriculum, and serves as a project-oriented introduction to music and sound production and dissemination.