Certificate in Music

Benefit from a diverse set of experiences designed to enhance musicianship, encourage music creativity, and foster a better understanding of music’s role in our world.

UH West O‘ahu’s Certificate in Music offers Music study for all majors, with four interest areas: Music Performance; Music Theory and Music Writing; Music Technology; and Music History and Literature. To earn the 18-credit Certificate, students choose courses from three of four interest areas, in which they earn six (6) credits for each area. Students benefit from a diverse set of experiences designed to enhance musicianship in traditional and contemporary music ensembles, encourage music creativity using industry-standard technology, and foster understanding of music’s role in our world.

Career Opportunities

The Certificate in Music offers a useful bridge to post-college and life-long music-making enjoyment, and gives students foundational knowledge in their areas of choice, so they can blend their passion for Music with other career pursuits. For example, educators combine music performance with their classroom teaching to more efficiently reach students; Business/Marketing graduates use their knowledge of music literature to choose effective music for an advertising campaign; Creative Media majors use their hands-on experience with recording studio technology to enhance the impact of sound and music in their film.

UH West Oʻahu’s Certificate in Music offers all UH West Oʻahu students – no matter their chosen major – four (4) areas from which students choose three (3), in which they earn a minimum of six (6) credits each. In order to graduate with the Certificate in Music, students must maintain a grade of “C” or better.

Students choose a total of 18 credits with a minimum of six credits from three of the following four Areas:

AREA #1: Music Performance

  • MUS 114 – University Chorus (2 cr, repeatable)
  • MUS 121a – Class Instruction, Instrument or Voice (maximum of 2 credits can be used
    towards requirement) 
  • MUS 211 – Intro to Hawaiian Ensemble (2 cr, repeatable)
  • MUS 311 – Hawaiian Ensemble (2 cr, repeatable)
  • MUS 419 – University Band (2 cr, repeatable)
  • MUS 410H – University Strings (2 cr, repeatable)

AREA #2: Music Theory / Music Writing

  • MUS 108 Fundamentals of Western Music (3 cr)
  • MUS 208 Intro to Songwriting (3 cr)
  • MUS 280 Basic Theory and Aural Skills (3 cr)
  • MUS 281 Music Theory I (2 cr)
  • MUS 282 Music Theory II (2 cr)
  • MUS 283 Aural Training I (1 cr)
  • MUS 284 Aural Training II (1 cr)
  • MUS 308 Intermediate Songwriting (3 cr)

AREA #3: Music Technology

  • MUS 240 – Intro to Music Technology (3 cr)
  • MUS 314 – Music, Sound and Media (3 cr)
  • MUS 343 – Audio Production: Intro to Mixing (3 cr)

AREA #4: Music History and Literature

  • MUS 106 – Intro to Music Literature (3 cr)
  • MUS 107 – Music in World Cultures (3 cr)
  • MUS 265 – History of Western Music to 1750 (3 cr)
  • MUS 266 – History of Western Music after 1750 (3 cr)
  • MUS 363 – Contemporary Histories of Traditional Musics (3cr)
  • MUS 366 – Stormy Weather: A Jazz History (3 cr)
  • MUS 367 – History of American Popular Music (3 cr)
  • MUS 368 – Cool Runnings: A Reggae History (3 cr)
  • MUS 369 – K-Pop &  J-Pop: Korean & Japanese Music (3cr)
Want to know more?
Contact Dr. Jon by email jonmagnu@hawaii.edu if you have questions about the program, or contact student advising on how to add a music certificate to your degree.