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Student Support Spotlight: Student Life


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff

Welcome to a series that highlights the services the University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu offers to help our students succeed. Student Support Spotlight will profile the wide-ranging services that are important for our students and campus.

The series has so far featured profiles on AdvisingAdmissions, the Behavior Intervention Team, the BookstoreCampus Security, Career Services, Mental Health ServicesDisability ServicesDistance LearningFinancial Aid, the IT Help Desk, the James & Abigail Campbell LibraryNāulu Center, Noʻeau Center, and Registrar.

Name of service: Office of Student Life

Where we are: Student Life Center is at Campus Center, C-214. Intramural Sports Office and the Fitness and Wellness Center is at Campus Center, C-135.

Who we are:

  • Symantha Arcalas, Student Coordinator

  • Alyssa Cabingas, Student Coordinator

  • Oriana Danby,  Fitness, Wellness and Intramural Sports Staff

  • Kelly Fujino, Student Life Operations Manager

  • Logan Hansen, Student Coordinator

  • Darryl Johnson, Student Coordinator

  • Mellissa Lochman, Student Life Media Creative

  • Ryan Perreira, Coordinator of Intramurals & Recreational Wellness

  • (Vacant), The Hoot Advisor

  • Ernie Salas, Intramurals Student Supervisor

  • Lizchel Ugalde, Student Coordinator

  • Rouel Velasco, Director of Student Life

What services we provide: Growth, empowerment, and leadership opportunities through participation in 1) chartered student organizations (CSO) — ASUHWO Senate, Student Activity Fee Board, Campus Center Board, Student Media Board/The Hoot; 2) intramurals, recreation and fitness classes; 3) campus-wide committees offering student voice and representation; 4) registered independent student organizations that are formed on shared interests ranging from academic/professional, ethnic/cultural, recreational/leisure, spiritual, service, honor societies, and more; and 5) Leadership Development training, workshops, and conferences.

Each CSO listed above provides different opportunities, services, and programs to engage and serve students. For student concerns regarding campus safety, campus concerns, academics, contact ASUHWO Senate. For events and activities, contact Student Activity Fee Board. For the student newspaper, planners or bulletin board postings, contact Student Media Board. For student awards recognition, student life center space, contact Campus Center Board. Students who serve in these organizations develop critical thinking skills, participate in institutional governance, and address student concerns and interest through the offering of advocacy efforts and delivery of goods and services.

The UH West Oʻahu Sports Office provides students with opportunities to engage in fitness and recreational activities that fosters sportsmanship and community building through the offering of the Pueo Fitness Center, Intramural Sports, Tournaments and Play To Learn experiences. Students build friendships and relationships to last a lifetime. We will get back to these once again when we are permitted to come back to campus.

There are over 20 registered independent student organizations (RISOs) that registered in 2019-2020. All RISOs must renew for the upcoming academic year 2020-2021. In support to student organizations, Student Life provides orientation to its leaders about resources, processes and procedures, access to copy/print services, and consultation and advisement. All student organizations must renew their RISO status yearly. Renew today:

Our office helps to engage students to feel connected, a valued member of the university community through the aforementioned services. It is our goal to enrich the students’ college experience and empower them to make a difference either on campus or in their home communities.

What we’re excited about: We are excited to offer in-person activities that will reflect CDC guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our UH West Oʻahu community, however with the recent orders issued by the Office of the Mayor all in-person events are put on hold. We will continue to offer virtual/online/digital activities and engagement such as how-to/DIY activities, fitness workouts, yoga, esports, excursions in the community and around the island, talk-story sessions, leadership development, and many more. It is our hope to give away goodies and prizes to students who engage in our in-person and virtual/online/digital events. Stay connected with us through social media platforms for the most up-to-date information on events.

In addition, we have created a Laulima section for all students called “PUEOStudentLife” (login required) to send weekly announcements of opportunities to connect, engage, and be in community. There is a calendar listing including all important academic deadlines for the school year.

What’s special about us: Students are the heart. Our student leaders and student employees are the creative intelligence, designers, and coordinators of such experiences, in-person and virtually. The Office of Student Life prides itself as the office committed to student empowerment, that is, students take the lead in planning, implementing, executing, coordinating, and facilitating experiences for their fellow students. The students have say, decision-making, and influence on the activities/events/programs they would like their fellow students to experience.

Intramurals Sports, fitness and wellness team currently consists of one full-time staff, two student workers, and several volunteers. We pride ourselves in engaging students on campus and virtually to give students an opportunity to get fit, play team and individual sports and games, feel welcomed at UH West Oʻahu, relieve stress, have a place to relax and talk story. We also take pride that as a unit we volunteer at almost every event on campus. This way we can meet and greet our students in a safe and comfortable environment with the hopes of getting them more involved on campus.

The full-time staff comes with a developmental approach to assist students in their learning and growth. The professional staff is committed to coaching, advising, and mentoring students.

What’s special about you: Our UH West Oʻahu students are inspirational. The stories of resilience and perseverance of our students are something worthy to highlight. Our students faced hardships, broke through barriers, and overcame adversity to be enrolled as UH West Oʻahu students. Our students also come to us with their gifts and talents and we welcome you to share that with us and the rest of our beloved community at UH West Oʻahu. Our students inspire us to do as much as we can to enhance their college experience.

The Intramurals Coordinator shares a philosophy: “Student first. I try to spend my time and energy to create a transparent, genuine and open relationship with each student that engages me back. I always try to be present (physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally), because you never know what each day will bring. Our students are great, especially going through this COVID-19 pandemic. They are adaptable, flexible, and willing to take on new challenges.”


Full-time staff

Office of Student Life
Student Life Center, 689-2942/689-2672, Website:
Facebook: @uhwostudentlife
Instagram: @uhwostudentlife
Twitter: @uhwostudentlife
Tiktok: @uhwostudentlife

UHWO Sports
Fitness and Wellness, 689-2673,
Facebook: @UHWOintramuralsports and @UHWOsports
Instagram: @uhwosports
Youtube Channel: IMWest Sports

Facebook: @asuhwo
Instagram: @asuhwo

Student Activities Fee Board
Facebook: @studentactivitiesuhwo
Instagram: @safbwo

Campus Center Board
Instagram: @ccbwo

Student Media Board
Instagram: @smbwo

The Hoot
Facebook: @thehootpress
Instagram: @thehootnews

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff