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Student Support Spotlight: Distance Learning


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff

Welcome to a series that highlights the services the University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu offers to help our students succeed. Student Support Spotlight will profile the wide-ranging services that are important for our students and campus. The series has so far featured Advising, Admissions, the Behavior Intervention Team, the Bookstore, Campus Security, Career Services, Mental Health Services, and Disability Services.

Name of service: Office of Distance Learning

Where we are: B-222 (when the James & Abigail Campbell Library is fully open)

Who we are:

  • Gloria Niles, Director of Distance Education

  • Char Hopela, Instructional Designer

  • Krystal Reeves, Admin Support

  • Anuhea Piliere, DE Student Support Specialist (for students located on Kauaʻi)

  • Brynn Matsuoka, Student Instructional Design Assistant

  • Ericka Montoya, Student Instructional Design Assistant

  • Helene Rebamonte, Student Instructional Design Assistant

What services we provide: The Office of Distance Learning helps UH West Oʻahu students feel connected to their university even when they are not physically present on campus. The Student Resources page on the Distance Learning website is designed to serve as a “virtual campus” where students can access a variety of campus resources online from one location.

What we’re excited about: While the COVID-19 pandemic has required different strategies for offering classes, the Office of Distance Learning is excited about designing new flexible modes of delivery where students are participating in-person and online in the same class, and both sets of students feel equally engaged in activities during class.

What’s special about us: The Office of Distance Learning has developed creative ways to stay connected online, such as Virtual Transfer and Alumni Receptions, and participating in the Online Library Orientation at the beginning of every term. With most students taking a full load of classes online this semester, we have launched the Go the Distance initiative to assist students with tips and strategies to be an effective online learner. Students can find more information about Go the Distance MeetUp sessions on the registration form.

What’s special about you: UH West Oʻahu has committed students who are excited about learning. We enjoy building relationships with students who transcend physical boundaries. We can be connected, even at a distance.

Contact: 689-2317,,, 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday (virtual office hours), Instagram: uhwestoahudl

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff