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Student Support Spotlight: Campus Security


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff

Welcome to a new series that highlights the services the University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu offers to help our students succeed. Student Support Spotlight will profile the wide-ranging services that are important for our students and campus. The series has so far featured profiles on Advising, Admissions, the Behavior Intervention Team, and the Bookstore.

Name of service: Campus Security

Where we are: F-202 (F building is undergoing renovations, so our location may move in the future.)

Who we are:

  • Operations Supervisor Gary Rivers

  • Security Officers Fia Brown, Wayne Fredericks, Silulu Rafanan, Darrell Johnson, Janet Wong, and Nathaniel (Nani) Nault

What services we provide: We provide safety escorts for the UH West Oʻahu community. If you don’t feel safe for any reason, call our emergency number (689-2911) and an officer will respond and escort you to either your car or the bus stop on campus. Normally we monitor you until you leave campus, unless we receive another call. Just a reminder: Due to the pandemic, we do not provide riding escorts at this time. But we will still monitor you or follow you until you get to your destination on campus.

Anyone dealing with security officers should expect to be dealt with in a respectful and professional manner.

What we’re excited about: We are rolling out a new safety app for the UH West Oʻahu community; details to come.

What’s special about us: This department is a customer service-oriented department. “I have promoted this from the very beginning when we opened in 2012 and I expect all my officers to buy into this concept,” said Operations Supervisor Gary Rivers. “I feel our students have enough to worry about (studies, exams, etc.) and should not have to worry about their car being broken into or items stolen from them. That is why you will see that my officers are always visible and available or up front to monitor the parking lot.”

What’s special about you: The UH West Oʻahu student population respects this campus tremendously and have acted as if this was part of their home. They have called us on several occasions reporting individuals that seem suspicious and this helps us a lot because we cannot be everywhere on campus.

Contact: 689-2911. Campus Security can be reached at this number 24/7, whether it is for an emergency or a request.

Image courtesy of UHWO Staff