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Students encouraged to finish strong with useful tips in video


Image courtesy of Pexels / Prateek-katyal

University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu students in need of motivation during these last weeks of the semester can find that helpful push and more in “Go the Distance – Finishing Strong,” a video scheduled to be released today, March 22.

“Finishing Strong” is the third and final video in the Go the Distance video series, made available by the Office of Distance Learning at UH West Oʻahu. The video link will be sent to students via the weekly email communications sent through the Office of Student Life. Additionally, the video link is sent to all faculty to include in their Laulima course sites as deemed appropriate.

“With the vast majority of UH West Oʻahu courses being offered fully online during this academic year, the Office of Distance Learning decided to offer Go the Distance sessions to support students with the skills to thrive as online learners,” said Gloria Niles, Director of Distance Education at UH West Oʻahu.

During the Fall 2020 semester, the Office of Distance Learning offered online synchronous Go the Distance Meet-Up sessions in September, October, and November. However, it was difficult to schedule synchronous meet-up sessions at times that worked best for all students, Niles said.

“We also thought that students would benefit from having access to the information at their convenience,” she said. “Therefore, in Spring 2021, we decided to change the format to the Go the Distance video series, three videos designed to support students as online learners at strategic points throughout the semester.”

Niles said the recorded videos are designed using a PechaKucha style of presentation with 20 slides each presented for exactly 20 seconds. Using the PechaKucha style of presentation, the videos are each under 7 minutes long. All three videos use the word “distance” as an acronym to describe different strategies for effective online learning.

The three videos in the series are:

  1. Go the Distance – Getting Started (Becoming),” produced by Anuhea Piliere, UH West Oʻahu Student Support Specialist on Kauaʻi. Released on Jan. 11, during week 1 of the Spring 2021 semester. The first video provides online learners with tips and strategies for getting organized and prepared for online courses. Making connections with their professors and peers, carefully reviewing syllabi to plan out major assignments and projects, and setting up schedules and routines as independent learners.
  2. Go the Distance – Keep Going,” produced by Char Hopela, UH West Oʻahu Instructional Designer. Released on Feb. 8, during week 5 of the Spring 2021 semester. The second video is designed to encourage students with tips for managing the busy mid-semester activities including exams, projects, and research. The “distance” acronym helps students take charge of their learning by using Google suite applications to stay organized, communication strategies, and study techniques to be a self-determined online learner.
  3. Go the Distance – Finishing Strong,” produced by Krystal Reeves, UH West Oʻahu Distance Education Project Admin Support. Will be released today, March 22, during week 10 of the Spring 2021 semester. The third and final video gives online learners the motivation to head into the final weeks of the semester prepared to get the most out of their online learning experience. The “distance” acronym is used, again to help students keep the wind in their sails as they reach toward the finish line and to finish the semester with a sense of accomplishment.

The videos that have been released are available on the Go the Distance YouTube playlist. Also, on the Student Resources page on the Distance Learning website, a padlet titled “Handy Help Wall for Students” is another place where students can find the Go the Distance videos.

In addition, after watching any of the three Go The Distance Videos this semester, students can let the Office of Distance Learning know what they think by filling out the Go The Distance Video form, which is also available on the “Handy Help Wall for Students.”

Students who complete the form can choose to be entered to win Go the Distance swag from the Office of Distance Learning. Drawings will be held on Wednesday, March 31, and Friday, April 30.

For more information, contact the Office of Distance Learning at 689-2317 or

Image courtesy of Pexels / Prateek-katyal