Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISOs)

Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISOs) are independent and self-governed student organizations formed with common interests and activities. These organizations, varying from academic, cultural, professional, political, recreational, religious, and service groups, serve the campus and community by providing leadership development opportunities for students. In addition, RISOs foster community spirit, civic engagement and social and cultural interaction among all UH West Oʻahu students, faculty and staff members.

A complete list of organizations and detailed information on joining a Registered Independent Student Organization (RISO) is available from the Coordinator of Student Leadership Development Programs, Rouel Velasco (689-2942) or email

Clubs and Organizations on Campus

Meet like-minded Pueo to further academic or other interests through one of UH West Oʻahu’s many student clubs. Check out the list below to learn about some of the clubs and organizations available to UH West Oʻahu students on campus!

Start your own R.I.S.O.

Any group of six (6) or more students currently enrolled at UH West Oʻahu wishing to pursue a common educational, academic, cultural, professional, political, recreational, religious, and service interest may become a RISO by completing the online registration application and constitution and by-laws. The constitution and by-law template will help you to assemble the information needed to create your R.I.S.O.

Constitution Bylaws template