The public restrooms in our building will be closed soon for routine waxing! First floor restrooms will be closed June 18-21 and second floor restrooms will be closed June 25-28. Questions can be directed to the Work Coordination Center at 808-689-2535.

About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The James & Abigail Campbell (Campbell) Library, in supporting the mission of the University of Hawaiʻi at West Oʻahu, is committed to providing excellent, user-centered service in meeting the information needs of students, faculty and staff. Using innovative technologies, Campbell Librarians develop, organize, preserve and deliver scholarly print and electronic resources and instruction that empowers students to become engaged, life-long learners. Through our services, collections, teaching and outreach, the library honors and supports diverse learning styles, perspectives and interests intrinsic to a liberal arts education. The library serves as the center of campus and promotes a welcoming and stimulating learning environment.

Our Goals

In order to succeed in attaining our mission, the Campbell Library has defined the following goals:

  • Acquire, maintain and manage scholarly print and electronic resources that support the University curriculum, student and faculty research, and faculty teaching; (balanced, current, relevant)
  • Provide seamless access to library print and electronic resources;
  • Empower students, through information literacy sessions, to make independent, confident decisions regarding their information needs now and beyond their undergraduate careers;
  • Create and foster a welcoming environment that is respective of all learning styles;
  • Provide public programming where students, faculty, staff and outside community members can engage in discussion.

Our Mascot

The Noio

The noio is a black noddy bird. The noio is found in the Hawaiian Islands and across the Pacific. Used by fishermen and navigators to signal land or schools of fish, the bird represents a spatial transition since it tends to frequent the area in between land and the deep sea. “He noio ʻaʻe ʻale no ke kai loa” [A noio that treads over the billows of the distant sea] is used as an expression to describe someone who has outstanding wisdom and skill. We think the students of UHWO represent the characteristics of the noio thus the library’s motto is, “He wahi e ulu pono ai ka noio ʻaʻe ʻale kai,” or, a place where the sea-faring noio thrives. The noio is further connected to UHWO through the legend of Nihooleki [Nihoalaki], a proficient fisherman who lived at Puuokapolei in the district of Waiʻanae.

View the noio here.

Our Beacon

The stained glass mural on the 100 foot library tower was created by Kaua’i artist Carol Bennett. Entitled Cycles, the piece is a multi-level symbol of enlightenment and optimism. Cycles serves as a beacon for the UHWO campus. Cycles uses a vocabulary of simple, abstract organic and geometric shapes that symbolize personal, community, and generational relationships to the University. The North face is informed by the ocean view and moon-rise, while the view looking inland takes inspiration from the sun and man-made patterns. Inspired by place, culture, and way-finding, Cycles is a visual celebration of higher education.

-Sponsored by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts

View the beacon here.