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Borrowing & Requesting Items

Borrowing & Requesting Items

Borrowing Items

Books, videos, and equipment can be checked out and returned at the Circulation or Reference Desks. Patrons should have a valid photo ID when checking out items, and their Library account must be in good standing.

Books may also be returned at any time via the dropbox located on the outside of our building.

Requesting Items

Intra-System Loans

An intrasystem loan (ISL) is the borrowing of a book from another UH campus, or getting a copy of an article in UH Mānoa’s journal collection.

To place an ISL request:

    1. Access Voyager.
    2. Search for the item you want. Once you are at the correct bibliographic record…
    3. Click on “Get This Item” in the blue column to the right of the record.
    4. Click “login”, then enter your UH username and password.
    5. Click on “Hold or Transfer this Item”
    6. You may choose the copy you want, although the system does try to select the closest available copy. Be aware that items from outer-island campuses will take significantly longer to get to Oʻahu.
    7. Choose a pick up location. Press “SUBMIT REQUEST”.
    8. If the request was successful, you should see a message with that information.

Now…you wait! Most items from Oʻahu campuses take 4-7 business days to move locations. Once the item has arrived at the specified pick-up location, you will receive an automatically generated email notifying you that it’s ready for pick-up. If the item is from your home campus, it will typically be ready and waiting for you at the Circulation Desk by the morning of the next business day.

Inter-Library Loans

An Inter-Library loan (ILL) is the borrowing of a book from outside the UH system, or getting a copy of an article from outside the UH system. These requests are mediated by the subject liaison and interlibrary loan librarians, and are restricted by the availability of funding.

Interlibrary loan requests may be submitted through the forms listed below. You must sign in with your UH ID to place a request.

Fines and Fees

To ensure the fair and equitable use of Library resources and to encourage responsible patronage, the Library assesses fines for overdue, lost, and/or damaged items. A failure to return items by the printed due date (books) or by the verbally stated time (laptops & equipment) will result in overdue fines. When an item accrues $10 in overdue fines, it will be considered lost and lost-item replacement and processing fees will be assessed in addition to the $10 in overdue fines. Damaged items are assessed on case-by-case basis.

  • Lost book fees will be based on the original purchase price, when available, or the UH System default lost book fee of $60.00.
  • Lost equipment fees will be determined by Library staff.

Balances under $10.00

Library users with account balances under $10.00 are still considered in good standing and borrowing privileges are available.

Balances $10.00 and above

Library users with account balances $10.00 and over are not in good standing and borrowing privileges are blocked until the balance is less than $10. The Library also places a block on a student’s account in Banner, the university’s student information system, which prohibits registration, graduation, and transcript requests.

Making Payments

  • Library: Cash payments are accepted at the Library’s Circulation Desk from open to 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • Telephone: Credit card payments can be taken over the phone by calling the UH-Mānoa Hamilton Library Business Office at (808) 956-7203, or the Sinclair Library Business Counter (808) 956-8308, ext. 52. Transactions are available until 4:30 PM.



The Library’s Fine and Fee policy can be viewed here: Campbell Library Fines & Fees Policy

The Libraries of the University of Hawaiʻi System Circulation policy can be found in its entirety here: University of Hawaiʻi System Circulation Policy


Check the status of your account and renew books here.

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