Library Workshops

Library Workshops

The Library offers students three unique opportunities to improve your research skills.

Upcoming Workshops for Spring 2024

The Library will be hosting synchronous online workshops for UHWO students, utilizing Zoom. These brief, 1-hr workshops assist students with various aspects of the research and information navigation process. Each workshop is offered on two separate days, to maximize outreach to students.

    • Developing and Choosing a Topic
      Tues, 1/23 or Wed, 1/24 from 6-7pm
    • The Research Process
      Tues, 1/30 or Wed, 1/31 from 6-7pm
    • Managing Research Data
      Tues, 2/6 or Wed, 2/7 from 6-7pm
    • Evaluating & Citing Sources
      Tues, 2/13 or Wed, 2/14 from 6-7pm
    • Using Zotero for Citation Management
      Tues, 2/20 or Wed, 2/21 from 6-7pm
    • Preparing for Presentations
      Tues, 2/27 or Wed, 2/28 from 6-7pm
    • Advanced Searching Strategies
      Tues, 3/5 or Wed, 3/6 from 6-7pm
    • Navigating Health and Science Research
      Tues, 3/12 or Wed, 3/13 from 6-7pm
    • Google Smarter, Not Harder
      Tues, 4/2 or Wed, 4/3 from 6-7pm

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On-Demand Library & Research Workshops

These short workshops cater to your schedule and the skills that you think you need to develop. Ask your instructor if (s)he’ll give you extra credit for attending for attending virtually or physically!

How It Works

  1. Identify a workshop that interests you.
  2. Find at least 3 other people (your group should have a minimum of 4 individuals) that are interested in attending the workshop with you.
  3. Submit your request.
  4. You’ll be contacted by a Librarian within 24 business hours to confirm a date/time and location. If you choose to attend virtually, you’ll receive detailed information about how you’ll be able to join the workshop online.
  5. All attendees will be sent an email verifying their attendance at the workshop…and their newfound skills! For proof of attendance, you can forward this to your instructor.

On-Demand Workshop List

Research and Writing (RaW) Series

The RaW series is a partnership between the Library and Noʻeau Center. Together, our goal is to improve your entire research process, from start to finish. Empower yourself by signing up for this 4-part series, which is entirely asynchronous. That means you can complete it on your own time, as it fits your schedule. Some instructors offer credit to students who complete the series. Not sure if yours does? Ask them!

For more information about the series, including registration information, click on the button below.

Research & Writing Workshops

The RaW series originated when the Library created a comprehensive research guide to navigate students through the process. To access the guide, click on the button below.

Research & Writing Guide