Services for Faculty

Services for Faculty

Library Instruction

Information literacy is the ability to recognize the need for information, know where to locate information, and to have the ability to evaluate and effectively use the information gathered. Information literacy is the foundation of lifelong learning, enabling learners to take control of their learning environment, to become self-directed scholars who can efficiently navigate through the abundance of information resources, and make coherent conclusions based on careful evaluation and synthesis.

The Library’s Information Literacy Program, in accordance with best practices in library instruction as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), serves to guide students in becoming information-literate individuals. The Library is committed to creating a culture of effectiveness and innovation to ensure  UH-West Oʻahu student success by creating an “information literate culture” where students gain the skills and abilities necessary to critically assess information resources available to them.

Librarians are eager to collaborate with faculty in order to meet course-specific goals, assignments, or requirements. Please contact your library liaison for more information.

The Research Challenge

A great resource for entry-level students, the Research Challenge tasks students with finding different resources: 3 articles, 1 book/ebook/video, and 1 website. For each resource, they should conduct the CRAAP test, provide the citation, and write a brief summary of the article. Instructors can, of course, use this as the core but also add on additional required resources.

There are two documents – the first is the manual that explains the process and the second is the “quest” portion that allows students to fill in the information related to their specific research topic.

The Research Challenge is self-explanatory so it’s a neatly-packaged option for the instructors who don’t request library instruction, or who don’t have time for multiple class visits.

TEACH Act Media Request

The Library is partnering with UHWO IT for handling media digitization requests. Visit the UHWO IT FAQ on how to submit a digitization request directly. There you’ll find a link to the TEACH Act request form for the IT service desk. If approved, the film will be made available to you during the time you specified on the checklist. You may also submit your requests through the OneSearch catalog as outlined in the directions here.

Course Reserves

Placing an Item on Course Reserve

Instructors are able to place the following items on Course Reserve:

  • Personal copies: Item(s) that are owned by faculty can be placed on reserve. Please note that all personal copies will have a barcode and label attached to the item(s) for circulation purposes.
  • Library-owned copies: Any item(s) owned by the Campbell Library can be placed on reserve. They are done so on a first-come, first served basis.

To submit an item for Course Reserve, instructors should:

  1. Know the title and basic information of the item you would like to place on Reserve.
  2. Go to our online Course Reserve Request Form.
  3. Fill out all fields with the appropriate information.
  4. If you’re placing a personal item on Course Reserve, either drop the book off at the Library or send it to us via Campus Mail.

To digitize VHS, DVD, or Blu-Ray items for class streaming, please review the campus policy and submit your request with UHWO IT.

End-of-Semester Procedures

  • Unless specified otherwise, reserve lists and items will automatically be withdrawn at the end of each semester. You will be contacted with relevant information and if personal copies are not picked up by the specified date, staff will assess whether or not they can be added into the permanent collection or given to UHWO Campus Planning and Operations to place into faculty mailboxes.
  • If courses are not taught consecutively, the Library will not hold onto personal copies (e.g. spring course not offered until next spring, etc.).
  • Library books will be returned to their respective library stacks.

Library Syllabus Statement

You can remind your students that the library is here to help by including the statement below, in full or in part, in your syllabi, course sites, or assignment sheets. Feel free to make any changes you deem fit.


Need to do research but don’t know where to start? Searching for a book, article, or data to support your argument? Not sure how to cite a source in your bibliography? Ask a librarian!

Research help is available:

  • In person at the Library’s reference desk, by calling (808)689-2703, chatting via the Library’s website, or by emailing
  • Through research guides and FAQs
  • In the video tutorials on our Youtube channel

Extended assistance by appointment is also available with [insert name and contact info for your program’s librarian here], our program’s designated librarian, who is here to support your research needs.

For more information about the library and its services, visit the James & Abigail Campbell Library website at

Linking to Resources

Because computers on the UHWO campus are within a certain IP range, authentication is not required when attempting to access Library resources. This is not the case for off-campus access. To access resources like articles, ebooks, or streaming videos from off campus, links need to contain the Library’s proxy, which then forces user authentication. So that all Library users have access to Library resources, please ensure that the proxy is before any link you share. Some, but not all, databases will do this for you. It is thus important to check all links.

Proxy prefix

So if you want your students to use Statista to find an infographic for their research assignments:


Prepend the proxy prefix with the database URL.

Final URL

Including the proxy will not affect on-campus users. It will force off-campus users to authenticate by entering their UH usernames and passwords in order to view the resource.

Class Research Guides

The Library utilizes Libguides to create research guides that are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. If you’d like one customized to fit the needs of your class, please contact your Library Subject Liaison, who will work with you to make sure that your students are being directed to the most relevant resources for their assignments.

Search through current research guides via the dropdown menu below:


Turnitin is a service that holds your students accountable by preventing plagiarism and fostering more confident writers. The first step in using is creating an account: please contact the administrator, Alphie Garcia, for the class ID and password. Alphie can be reached at or (808) 689-2708.

Interlibrary Loans

An interlibrary loan (ILL) is the borrowing of a book from outside the UH system, or getting a copy of an article from outside the UH system. These requests are mediated by the interlibrary loan librarian and can be submitted directly through the forms below:

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Library Liaisons

The Library has designated a Librarian for each division. You can find your liaison here.

Suggest an Item

To suggest that the Library purchase an item to add to our collection, visit our Item Suggestion Form.