IT Services for Faculty & Staff

UHWO provides many technology tools to all UHWO faculty and staff. The following list are some of the most important ones. The usage of all technology resources at UHWO are governed by the University of Hawai`i Acceptable Use Policy and University of Hawai`i Securing and Protecting of Sensitive Information.

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New UHWO Classrooms

The new UHWO classrooms are designed to accommodate the HOT Hybrid instructional model. Each classroom still has the same control panel to start up the equipment and the same equipment that it had in the past such as the projector. UHWO IT has added extra equipment into the room to make your HOT Hybrid course easier to broadcast.

Get Started      PD Day HOT Hybrid UHWO  Classroom Video

Technology Loaners

ITSD has a limited supply of the following items available for short-term loans.

  • Cameras
  • Headsets
  • Laptops
  • Projectors
  • Video converters and adapters for Macs and Windows

Loaners are subject to availability and provided on a first-come, first serve basis. Reservations are highly encouraged but walk-ins are welcomed.


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Zoom Meets

Online Instruction & Conferencing

There are two web conferencing tools that you can use for course delivery - Zoom and Google Meets.

Zoom Professional is available to all faculty and staff. Zoom is the official web conferencing and classroom instruction delivery system. To get an account, please go to and look for Request Account button.

You can also use Google Meets if you would rather use it. Please do not use other web conferencing tools because these have been vetted by UH System ITS and UHWO IT.

If you need a conference room, you can book a room with UHWO FSE. Please click on this link for the request form.


Live Streaming and Recording

ITSC's Media Production Team provides simple to moderate levels of streaming and recording services through the Campus' media system with preference given to online courses. Faculty and staff are encouraged to set an appointment with Media Production Specialists to discuss the need in detail.


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Technical Support

All UHWO faculty and staff can get technology assistance from the the UHWO IT Help Desk. We have many ways for you to get help: call (808) 689-2411; web portal to file a ticket; or email the UHWO IT Help Desk for all of your technology questions or needs.

Have a personal computer and use it for instruction? The UHWO Help Desk will help you with get your computer on the campus wireless and show you how to connect your laptop to the campus AV system.

If you have a technology question or need to borrow equipment, please contact us.

Request Help

UH Username

All UHWO faculty and staff must register for their UH username after they receive their Personnel Action Form. The UH username is important because it allows you to access all the necessary services that you would need as an employee. Faculty will need the UH username to access MyUH to enter your grades; Laulima to enter your course content;the UH leave system to file for vacation; and your UH email account. Staff will need their UH username to access the UH leave system to file for vacation; the Kuali Financial System; and SECE to hire student assistants.

Never share your UH username and password with anyone!

If you forgot your password, there are two ways for you to reset your password. First, if you know the answer to your security questions, you can reset your password at the following link. Otherwise, you will need to come in person with a photo ID to the UHWO IT Service Center in the Library. Note: The IT Help Desk business hours are Monday - Thursday 7:30am to 7:00pm and Fridays 7:30am to 5:00pm.


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Google Suite Icons


UH has partnered with Google to provide email services to the UH System. As a UHWO faculty or staff, you have an official college email account and it looks like this [UH username] It is highly recommended that you use this email account for all official UHWO business and keep your personal email communications separate from your work email messages.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Google are - unlimited storage and access to most Google apps such as Google Drive and Google Docs. These two benefits will gives you the freedom to collaborate with UH colleagues; to be mobile; and to be creative.

There are departmental email addresses or departmental email lists available. Please submit an IT Help Request to start the process.



Pueo ID

All UHWO faculty and staff has a Pueo ID in addition to their UH username. This Pueo ID is used to access UHWO resources such as the UHWO VPN, log into your computers, and campus file shares. Your Pueo ID looks like your UH username but it does not have the same password. Please use different passwords for both accounts.

Need a Pueo ID?  Supervisors may request a Pueo ID on their staff's behalf by submitting an IT Access Form.


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Wi-Fi Color

UHWO Wireless Internet

UHWO has an extensive wireless internet infrastructure in all of the buildings on campus. The campus wireless is for all UH faculty, staff and students to use if you have your UH username. Simply connect to the wireless network, 'UHWO' and you'll be prompted to login with your UH username.

If you are frequently on campus with the same device, we recommend registering your device with the wireless passthrough system. Once registered, the wireless system will automatically allow your device on without asking for a UH username and password.

If you happen to be at another UH campus (i.e. UH Manoa, UH Hilo, and most UH community college campuses), your UH username and/or registered devices in the wireless passthrough system will work there too!

As UH faculty or staff, you can sponsor and provide wireless access to your visitors for academic purposes. These visitor wireless passes are temporary and you will need to apply for them prior to their visit. Please note that when you sponsor visitors you are accepting responsibility for them and their actions on the Internet. Each visitor is agreeing to comply with the University of Hawai`i Acceptable Use Policy



Laulima ('many hands' in Hawaiian) is the Learning Management System used for all UH System courses. Laulima contains the online tools that you would need to support your classroom instruction. Laulima has a number of tools that you can use in your classes. You can post your course syllabus, post your assignments, give tests and quizzes, and hold online forums. You can use the gradebook to track your grades and your students can track their grades on their own.

All UHWO students will automatically be added to Laulima after they registered for the course. If there are students in your class that are not in Laulima, you should check your official roster in MyUH.


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myuh web site has all the links to University of Hawaii resources such as Laulima and grade submissions


MyUH is the single web site that you need to remember for all of your college needs. You will use MyUH to submit grades, get your official class rosters, MySuccess, and link to other important web sites such as Laulima and Google@UH.



Purchasing Technology

Faculty and staff can get assistance from IT for all of their technology needs. IT can help you pick the correct technology to fit your needs and your budget.

Faculty Research Projects

IT will help you ensure that your technology would fit into your project and is sustainable for the duration of your project. We can help plan for technical support that you might need for the projects. The sooner that IT is involved the better chance that your proposal or program will be successful in terms of your technology needs.


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Installation / Relocation

ITSC will provide installation and relocation services on Campus for all IT equipment owned by UH and UHWO. Please provide at least 48 hours for hardware, software and peripheral installations and at least 3-5 business days to plan for equipment moves. IT should be consulted for large or complex moves and installations as early in the process as possible.



On a limited basis, ITSD may provide content digitization of media owned by the University and as guided by the TeachAct. The videos must for instructional use and will be made available on our MediaSite server. Digitization does take time so please contact ITSD at least 2 weeks in advance of when you need the video posted.  For more information, please contact the IT Media Production Team.


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