Library Photo Contest: Entries Due Mon, April 29

April 3, 2024 Carina Chernisky
A picture of a library, with several large desks on top of which sit dozens of desktop computers.

It has been a few years since the Library’s website has been refreshed with new images, so we’d like to do that now and we invite you to help us in capturing the spirit of our library. Images should be of the library, either interior or exterior shots, and should complement the color scheme of the website (#A71930, gray, white, black). Images should be high-quality and landscape orientation is preferred.

If the image includes humans, each “model” will need to sign a photo release form. Photographers will also need to submit one release form for the pictures, themselves. These forms will be available for FREE and can be picked up from the Library by participating photographers.

Because using models requires that extra step (signing forms) — if you don’t want to worry about that, we suggest that you take exterior shots with no humans in the frame OR shots of the interior during low-traffic times (e.g. at opening or later in the evening).

Entrants can submit as many photos as they like. Photo entries will be due by 12pm on Mon, April 29 and can be emailed to Release forms can be included in that email or can be dropped off to either Library service desk. Library staff will vote on the entries and winners will be announced on Wednesday, May 1. Only current UHWO students will be eligible for the following prizes.

  • The first prize winner will be awarded a $100 gift card. This picture will become the new “main” image on the website, beneath the search bar.
  • Two second place winners will receive a $10 printing card for use in the Library. These photos will be used elsewhere in the site.

Questions can be directed to Mahalo!

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