Resources for Students

As a student, you are presented with a wide range of software and services, many of which are required by your classes. Familiarize yourself with the technology resources available to you, and tackle your coursework with greater efficiency and ease.

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Laulima (‘many hands’ in Hawaiian) is the Learning Management System used for all UH System courses. Laulima contains the online tools that you would need to successfully complete your course work especially if you are taking distance education or hybrid courses. On Laulima, you can find your course syllabus, submit your assignments, take quizzes, and participate in class discussions.


STAR GPS Registration is an easy-to-navigate registration system that shows automatically your courses you need to graduate in a timely manner and allows you to personalize your plan to fit your unique college experience.

Pueo ID

Your Pueo ID is used for services provided to you by the UH West O’ahu Information Technology Department. It uses your username but requires a separate password setup.

UH Username

All accepted UH West Oʻahu students must register for their UH Username after receiving their acceptance letter. The UH Username is important because it allows you to access all of the necessary services in college (such as registering for classes, checking your email, and logging into Laulima).

UH Alerts

The UH Alert emergency notification system alerts the university community in the event of a natural, health, or civil emergency. Sign up to receive campus alerts by email or text message.

Technical Support

The IT Help Desk can assist with basic technical issues that you might have as it relates to your courses. The IT Help Desk will help you get on the UHWO wireless, log into Laulima, and troubleshoot software for your distance education courses. We do not perform computer repairs but we will do our best to identify what the problem is.