Policies and Guidelines

UH Executive Policy 2.210:
Use and Management of Information Technology Resources


All users (students, faculty, staff or any authorized guest user) of the UH SealUniversity are to abide by UH Executive Policy 2.210, which covers the use and management of information technology resources.  The policy highlights:

  • Privileges and Responsibilities
  • Principles of Responsible Use, with Examples
  • Confidentiality and Security of Electronic Information
  • Privacy of Student Information
  • and more

Please review the policy for more details.


Technology Request for Assistance

With the growth of the college and the increased demand for assistance with technology, UHWO IT installed a service ticket system to allow the UHWO community to request assistance even when the IT Service Center is closed. The IT Help Desk System allows you to track the progress of your ticket.

This system provides three different ways to file a ticket - first, you send a ticket through the UHWO IT Request for Help form; second, you can send an email with a special tag in the subject line; and third, you can call the IT Service Desk at (808) 689-2411.



Technology Purchases

UHWO IT is required to review and approve all requests to purchase technology (i.e. hardware, software, peripherals and systems specifically used for UHWO operations, programs and other related services). This approval is to ensure that the technology purchased will be compatible, compliant and secure to use. This policy also includes UHWO grant funded projects.

UHWO IT encourages you to contact us at the start of your projects so that the team can provide helpful advice and recommendations to avoid unnecessary delays.


Pueo ID


Pueo ID (aka Active Directory account) are used by all UHWO employees to access their computers and shared UHWO resources such as network drives. Since the Pueo ID requires supervisor approvals for access to secured information, UHWO IT requires all new and modifications to Pueo IDs be submitted via the IT Access Form.

Note: Although the Pueo ID may look similar to your Google@UH ID they are different. The Pueo ID is not used for email and should have a different password than the one used for your UH Username.


UH Username


As part of the University of Hawai`i System (UH), everyone should have a UH Username that would give them access to UH owned technology resources such as Laulima, Google@UH email, MyUH, employee leave system, student employment web site, and Kuali. The UH Username is very important for you to accomplish tasks and should be protected with a strong password.


UH Institutional Data Governance


UHWO IT requires all projects that involve Institutional Data and third-party vendors comply with UHʻs Institutional Data Governance Program.  We, as an institution, are required to submit a Data Sharing Request (DSR) to the Data Governance team for review if...

  • You are asking for individual record level data (disaggregated data)
  • You are asking for non-public data (list of data classified ‘public’)
  • Your request involves the services of a third party
  • Your request involves the establishment of a data feed or a data query

Users are expected to open a ticket in our UHWO IT Help Desk if their project meets any of the criteria above.  UHWO IT will work with the requestor to complete and submit the DSR.  Please note: the review process from the Data Governance team can take up to three weeks (or more).  Please plan accordingly to avoid any delays.

To learn more about data governance, see the following link.


Electronic Copyright Infringement and Illegal File Sharing

Contact: Information Technology Director - Therese Nakadomari, therese@hawaii.edu, Phone: (808) 689-2414

While most content (information, videos, music) posted on the Internet are free for you to use, there are still copyrighted content on the Internet. The copyrighted content are restricted files, such as videos, news articles, or music, that are owned by the artist or company that created the content and are not free for you to use unless you have written authorization to use the content. The downloading and/or sharing of copyrighted content is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Definition of copyrighted content https://westoahu.hawaii.edu/library/scholarly-communication/copyright/

UHWO network is free to everyone in the UH Community to use for their academic pursuits but users must follow the acceptable use policy found in University of Hawai`i EP 2.210 http://www.hawaii.edu/policy/docs/temp/ep2.210.pdf . If there is a violation, UHWO IT will be notified by the DMCA or other parties through a violation notice. (See sample of violation notice http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/814) Once UHWO IT has received the notice, they will launch an investigation into the violation and notify the user of the infraction. The user's UH Username will be blocked from use of the UHWO and other UH networks.

The user is required to meet with the UHWO Director to discuss the violation notice. If this is the user's first offense, he/she will be informed that

  • an unauthorized download and sharing of copyrighted content was detected and that it is against UH policy
  • all unauthorized content must be removed immediately by UHWO IT
  • any subsequent violations of EP 2.210 and/or federal copyright laws will result in the referral of the user to the appropriate University of Hawai`i authority for further action

At this meeting, UHWO IT Director will discuss the violation and UH policies. The user will be required to read the UH EP 2.210 and sign the University's Copyright Notification Letter http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/816. The user will also be cautioned about consequences of a second infraction.

Upon a second notice of copyright infringement, the incident will be referred to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs for disciplinary action if user is a student. If the user is a faculty or staff, their incident will be referred to their appropriate Chancellor or Vice Chancellor of their division.

UHWO Website Requests


UHWO IT partners with UHWO Communications to help support the main UH West O'ahu website and any affiliated UHWO microsites.  All requests involving content on the main website (http://westoahu.hawaii.edu) and new microsite request for departments / groups should be submitted to the UHWO Communications team.

Upon approval, the UHWO Communications team will contact UHWO IT to set up and configure the necessary web resources.



Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Per University of Hawaiʻi Executive Policy EP 2.210,

“The University is committed to ensuring equal opportunity for Individuals with Disabilities in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (“ADA”), as amended by the ADA Amendments Act of 2008, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in employment or in the provision of educational services as well as the Higher Education Opportunity Act.
All web content should be in compliance with Section 508 Standards and should also meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level AA.”

In accordance with EP 2.210 and UH guidelines for Accessible Technology and Digital Media, UH West Oʻahu IT reserves the right to not publish and/or unpublish web content that fails to meet the Section 508 standards and WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines as stated above. For content that does not meet the accessibility standards, UH West Oahu IT will assist the content managers in learning how to remediate their content and the content managers will need to remediate the rest of their content. If all possible attempts to remediate the web content are exhausted by the content manager and UH West O'ahu IT, the content manager may file for an exemption. All exemption requests will be reviewed by the Director of Information Technology and Vice Chancellor of Administration before approval is granted.


Digitization (TEACH Act and Copyright Policy)



UHWO IT will digitize and stream videos on Laulima for instructional use under the following guidelines:

  • Either belongs to the UHWO library or yourself
  • Are directly related and of material assistance to your teaching content
  • Are only shared with students in your class
  • Are used in lieu of in-person learning
  • Are meant to replace a lecture (i.e. distance learning), not for student work outside of class (no extra credit)
  • Are required to be seen by all enrolled students in the class, not assigned as extra-credit or optional task

Digitization requests must be accompanied by a completed UH West O'ahu TEACH Act Checklist per video request in our best efforts to be within compliance with copyright.

More information on TEACH Act can be found on the library copyright page.