PueoID Security Change

Posted: 08/14/2023 9:11 am

Due to the recent security breaches at Maui and Hawaiʻi Community Colleges, UH West Oʻahu IT is implementing Pueo ID account security changes on Aug. 14. To apply those changes, accounts will require a password change at log in.
Password requirements have been changed for added security. Please see Password Policy for Pueo ID (https://westoahu.hawaii.edu/it/ask-us/accounts-access/2973/) for the requirement changes. Requirements are also on the Pueo ID page. Our current password policy change was made because of the advancement of technology with AI.  See this article from TechRepublic, “How an 8-Character Password Could be Cracked in Just a Few Minutes” (https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-an-8-character-password-could-be-cracked-in-less-than-an-hour/).  According to the article, our previous requirements would have taken 5 minutes to crack your password.  
Desktop users will be prompted for the change at log in.
Windows laptop users will need to follow these instructions:
  1. Log into your laptop with your current Pueo ID password
  2. Log into VPN using your current Pueo ID password
  3. After VPN connection, press Ctrl + Alt + Del then “Change a Password”
  4. Enter your current Pueo ID password and new Pueo ID password.
  5. Once successful, you will use your new password to log into your laptop and VPN.
Mac laptop users will need to go to westoahu.hawaii.edu/it/pueoid to change your password there.  Your laptop login password does not change.
Your Pueo ID account and UH username account are different accounts. Please use different passwords for both accounts.
If you have any questions, click on the chat button with UHWO IT at westoahu.hawaii.edu/it or call 808-689-2411.