To ensure the safety of all players the IM LeeSports Coordinator, Leeward Community College Student Life Coordinator, will require the following steps to be taken if a player is injured in order for them to play in future games:

  1. The player will need to receive a signed clearance note from a health professional
  2. The campus Advisor will need to email the Leeward CC Student Life Coordinator to indicate that they clear the player to play in future games

The presence of alcohol from team members or fans associated with the team will not be tolerated and may result in a team warning.

Any IM LeeSports staff can call a time-out.

Inappropriate, foul, and/or derogatory language may be given warnings or expulsion from the League, determined by IM LeeSports staff.

Designated Campus Advisors must be present at each game and be present in the briefing circle before each game.

No Jewelry: A player cannot wear anything that is dangerous to themself or another player. All items of jewelry are potentially dangerous and to stay consistent, all kinds of jewelry are prohibited. Players are not allowed to use tape to cover jewelry, as taping jewelry is not considered to be adequate protection.

Check-In: All players must check-in with IM LeeSports staff before playing. If a player does not check-in they are considered ineligible. Any team found playing with an ineligible player will lose all their points or could result in a forfeit.

Forfeits: A forfeit will be called when a team commits infractions to the Number of Player Policy per sport, Advisor Policy, or Check-in Policy. The offended team will be awarded an automatic win. Forfeited games will not be replayed.

  1. Validated Student ID card must be shown at check in on every game day. It will be returned at the end of the game day
  2. GPA must be 2.0 cumulative or above
  3. If the team wears their own jerseys they must be numbered and the same color. If not the league will provide the numbered jersey for the game.
  4. Proper attire must be worn on game day
  5. Proper athletic shoes must be worn on game day: changes per sport
  6. Specific sports may require additional equipment: Please see the specific sport tab for the rules (Example: Soccer requires shin guards and socks to cover the shin guards)
  7. Player must have completed waiver forms and Advisors submitted to IM LeeSports staff

Equipment NOT Allowed: Shorts with metal zippers and buttons, Watches, earrings, necklaces, rings (jewelry), Slip on shoes, Metal support braces.

General registration period to ADD a player to an EXISTING Team for a sport:

  1. Players can be added throughout the season.
  2. The deadline to add a player to your established team for a sport is 12pm on the game day via the Google form
  3. IM LeeSports Team will verify the change based on the time stamp on the email.
  4. A player may switch teams IF THEY HAVE NOT PLAYED with their existing team. If the player already played a game with a team they cannot switch teams.

In order for the player to be eligible to participate in playoffs they must have been on the game roster for at least one game (league sports).