Educational Technology

There are many trending resources available to develop engaging multimedia content for your online course. This section provides information about popular resources available to UH West O‘ahu faculty and staff either through UH site licenses or through free subscription options.

Hypothesis is a free social annotation tool for highlighting and commenting on webpages, documents or eBooks. Pressbooks installations and books hosted at come with the Hypothesis plugin installed.

Perusall is another free social annotation tool that allows learners to make text-based annotations on a webpage, document or eBook. Users can highlight text and add comments. Class members are able to see and respond to each other’s shared annotations. Perusall can be integrated into a Laulima course by special request. Email Kenwrick Chan at

Camtasia is a software suite for creating video tutorials and presentations directly via screencast or a recording plug-in to Microsoft PowerPoint. Camtasia Tutorials.
Screencast-O-matic is a free screen recorder and video editor that allows you to capture your screen and create high-quality video tutorials and more.
Snagit is a screenshot program that captures video display and audio output. Available for Windows or macOS, Snagit replaces the native print screen function with additional features such as the capture of embedded links, images and multimedia. Snagit Tutorials

Laulima Support

This section provides links to information about how to use various tools in the Laulima Learning Management System when building Laulima sites. Some tutorials were recorded in previous versions of the LMS and some tool differences may be noted. 

Account management
Managing Course Tabs (display, hide and re-order course list)

Course Space management
Adding a TA or someone to help develop your course
Removing someone from your course
Adding a Student or Guest student to your course
Accessing your course with a “Student View” account
Adding Tools
Determining student date last attended (for grading/financial aid purposes)
Publishing Your Course or Project Site (Making your site visible for student access)
Importing from Site (Copying material from one site into another)
Renaming, Rearranging, Removing, and Hiding Tools
Changing a participant’s role
Creating groups

Resources tool
Hiding files and folders (Allows uploaded files/folders to be hidden from students’ view)
Making a resource publically viewable (Allows people to view items not located in that site)

Syllabus tool
Adding your syllabus via attachment
Adding your syllabus via copying/pasting

Assessment tools
Tasks, Tests & Surveys (now named Assignments, Tests and Surveys)
Assessment Strategies
Extending the time limit for certain students in Tests & Quizzes
Special Access feature (change parameters for specific students) in Assignments, Tests and Surveys
Instructions for for TTS “Paste Questions & Import” (PDF file) (click here for sample text file)
Editing a test question to insert an image
Respondus (offiline quiz creation tool) resources (third-party software for Windows)

Gradebook tool
Gradebook: Categories & Weighting
Exporting Gradebook
Removing Assessments & Assignments from Gradebook
Calculating Course Grades (Students’ grades are calculated higher than they should be?) 
Changing Course Grade Options in Gradebook 
Publishing Grades from Laulima directly to Banner

Miscellaneous tools
Sending email via the Email tool
Adding a Module
Sign-up tool
Clog tool
Linking to a UHM library electronic resource from Laulima (Manoa courses only)
Problems with Copy/Paste from Word (Getting error messages when trying to copy/paste from Word?)
iClicker v7 (iClicker Classic) download and guides
Instructions for setting up iClicker v7 (iClicker Classic) on MacOS 10.12 (Sierra)
Setting up an iClicker Cloud link in Laulima
Register i>clickers using Laulima (iClicker v6)
Uploading polling information from i>grader to Laulima (iClicker v6)

Instructional Tips
Creating Private Journals in Forums (pdf, Roger Williams University)

Online Teaching Resources

This section provides resources related to standards and best practices for high-quality online teaching and learning.

Office of Distance Learning: (Gloria Niles, Char Hopela)
  • Content Creation
  • Multimedia
  • Laulima accessibility
  • Third party apps
(Erin Kim, John Ly)
  • Website accessibility
  • Accessibility Checkers
  • Accessible PDFs
  • Remediation of existing content
(Tom Hirshbrunner)
  • Individual student accommodations
  • ADA and Section 504 legal matters

Quality Matters
OSCQR Standards 
Open SUNY Course Quality Review (OSCQR)

Online Teaching Professional Development

In coordination with the Office of Professional Development and Academic Support (OPDAS), the Office of Distance Learning offers ongoing workshops on a variety of topics related to online teaching and learning. Check the calendar on the homepage for upcoming workshop dates. Please submit topic suggestions to: