Students to present their research during Friday’s Math + Science + X

Flyer for event showing same information as is contained in the accompanying article

The first Math + Science + X seminar of the Fall 2018 semester will feature three UH West Oʻahu students presenting their work on research projects with UH West Oʻahu faculty.

The presentation is scheduled for 10-11 a.m., Friday, Sept. 28,  in E133. The presentations will include:

  • Ryan Orphan’s research with Dr. Michael Furuto entitled “Basketball Conference Champions: Does it Help with the Madness?”, focused on connecting math and basketball by using statistics to compare how far conference champions versus non-conference champions advance in the NCAA tournament.
  • Danielle Sterbinsky’s research with Dr. Allyson Gilles entitled “Impact of anxiety, short sleep duration, and exercise on cardiovascular disease”, examined the relationship between anxiety, health, and exercise in relation to sleep disorders.
  • Leiʻala Okuda worked with Drs. Esther Widiasih, Megan Ross, and Mary-Lindsey Correa on “Ola Hou – To Revive”, a project exploring the connection of history and moʻolelo of Mokauea island using statistics and the merging of culture and science to help restore the island’s fish pond.


Image courtesy of UHWO Staff